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A Listening Perspective

Not long ago we had a leadership conversation with Bernard Swanepoel – a leader that built Harmony into one of the largest gold companies in the world. His final leap was an attempted hostile takeover of Goldfields, which dominated business headlines for weeks and months, but ultimately failed. During this conversation we asked Swanepoel what […]

Learning & Development
What Triggers Am I Sending Out?

All actions and reactions in life are triggered by some feeling, thought, desire, belief and choice. Triggers may arise from within us (our remembrances, thoughts, feelings). Triggers may arise from a multitude of sources from outside. Ultimately many triggers are at play in our daily life. It would probably be impossible to really trace the […]

Characteristics, Attributes, and Qualities
Defining Inner Peace

The expression ‘inner peace’ is often used with various connotations. When we speak of inner peace in the context of human behaviour it may need clearer definition. It is in fact a concept that may be difficult to define for those who seek a scientific explanation. From a behavioural and leadership context there are few […]

Leaders on Leadership
“Leadership Fitness & Inspiration Offering” For Individuals

It’s time to revolutionize leadership development – quality, cost, impact Our vision is to aggressively promote and grow Authentic Leadership in the world; and to combat toxic leadership along the way.  Most of all, we want to revolutionise leadership development from an authentic content, impact and COST perspective. Why should the elite (top leaders in […]

Thanks For Being An Authentic Leader

Our experience over many years is that the kind of people who are committed to reading articles such as that produced on this website are people who want to grow and become more authentic and better leaders. We honour you for your commitment to deep-rooted values and service to others. During the year we have […]

Leaders on Leadership
The Fellowship of Leadership Activists

The Fellowship of Leadership Activists consist of leaders who are passionate advocates of authentic leadership. By implication they are opponents of toxic behaviour in leadership. Defining leadership activism By definition authentic behaviour is the honest and values driven part of all of us. Toxic behaviour is the enemy of authentic behaviour and may be defined […]

Leaders on Leadership
Key Principles Of Effective Leadership Development

From years of Leadership Platform research and learning from top leaders and scholars of behavioural performance and leadership, it appears more and more that good leadership is a personal matter. Acquiring or abandoning good leadership attributes is a personal conversion or corrupting process. Does that mean that all leadership development programs are of no worth? […]

Leader Profiles & Insights
A Country Of Presidents

Are we (leader-managers) sleepwalking towards disaster? I had this epiphany-like question emerging in my mind whilst listening to Mr Trevor Manual addressing a hall filled with leaders at the recent Die Burger and Kaapstad Sakekamer Business Leader of the Year event. He prefaced this epiphany by referring to South Africa’s presidential oath and with an […]

Leaders on Leadership
Patience And Impatience In Leadership

Patience and impatience are triggers of entry into different worlds. Impatience Impatience takes on different meanings. On the one hand it may be said that impatience generates action. Yes, that may be true in the same way that a storm motivates us to seek protection and safety. On the other hand, impatience can be a […]


Dear All, Prof Theo H Veldsman, a regular participant in out monthly Leadership Master Class on the Leadership Platform, CliffCentral, has started a weekly blog series on leadership entitled MASTER OF THE LEADERSHIP UNIVERSE: Travel Guide for Leadership Excellence in the newly emerging order. The intention of the series is to address on a weekly […]

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