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Tag: Courage

Leaders on Leadership
Transformational Entrepreneurial Leaders Needed

 To be truly successful in South Africa, and probably beyond, an individual must become a “Transformational Entrepreneurial Leader (TEL)”. Transformational: He/she must firstly become aware of the broader transformational process South Africa is currently undertaking – politically, economically, socially and even psychologically. He/she needs to have a passion for our national transformation imperative to transform […]

Characteristics, Attributes, and Qualities
Core To Achieving Full Potential

et us be deeply honest for a moment, because this is what sincere, brave individuals and leaders do – they are brutally honest with themselves, others and the world! I recently tweeted this: “Leadership is…being honest with yourself; asking brave questions about life, about everything” To all leaders out there, are you brutally, even frightfully […]

Venete Klein – A Leader To Follow

Dr Maya Angelou, the Pulitzer Prize nominated poet and author, educator, historian, and civil-rights activist once said:  “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” On a few rare occasions I have had the privilege of interviewing and […]

Successful Leaders Confront Three Common Challenges

As I begin this article, I am sitting in the offices of one of our clients where we have been tasked to give one last big push to assist the executive team to try and save the operation before aggressive, even desperate, measures are taken to turn it around, or a “shut it down” will […]

Leaders on Leadership
Vulnerability Takes Courage

Over the past few years I’ve been so focused on my own leadership journey – keeping fit and sharp, leading my side of the business – that I neglected to focus on what’s happening to the dynamics within my first team, my fellow Executives. It was only after the sudden resignation of our CEO and […]

Models, Principles, and Behaviours
Our South African Leadership Heritage

Many readers of the Star Workplace Leadership Platform column are leaders who want to rise to their full potential and improve their leadership capacity. This is not an easy mission under circumstances in our country that seem to be filled to the brim with daily challenges, contradictions and obstacles. Environmental respect The development of exceptional […]

Characteristics, Attributes, and Qualities
Leaders Do Difficult Things

What do Nelson Mandela, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Alexander the Great, Martin Luther King Jnr., Vladimir Lenin, and Napoleon Bonaparte have in common? And then more recently, consider: As we sat together in the Johannesburg Country Club lounge a number of weeks ago, I thought to myself how courageous Graham Briggs, CEO of Harmony Gold, is.  […]

Where Have All Our Leaders Gone?

Now, more than ever before in the history of our global community, we are seeing our current leaders struggling under the pressures of a dynamic, ever moving environment. We see the practice of “reactive leadership”, which is really another term for “management”, but seemingly not the visionary, proactive leadership every human being on the planet […]

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