The Value of Positive Momentum

Our mind and thoughts are continually bustling with a mixture of positive and negative feelings. It would seem that every positive decision seems to automatically trigger negative opposition along the way. At Leadership Platform we believe in the universal principle that all movement is accompanied by resistance. Consideration of possible negative consequences is central to life’s process of gaining experience and wisdom. However, experience and research and a multitude of spiritual leaders teach us that we can dramatically adjust our perception of negative experiences in life.

Let’s look at some principles that we believe are universally true, whether we operate in Soweto, on the moon or on distant planets. These principles are:

  1. Every feeling or thought or idea has directional intent, much in the same way that every feeling is a reflection of our attitude at the time. This means that every feeling we harbour is heading in some direction.
  2. We are given the power to choose between our sense of right and wrong. In truth both directions have a momentum of power to lift or to destroy. We choose which direction we follow.
  3. Addiction to the momentum of the negative will cause us to lose our grip on the delicate possession of faith in higher and more powerful universal laws.

Positive momentum has to be deserved

The possession of a positive momentum attitude is a precious gift that needs to be deserved. Life offers us the opportunity to develop positive momentum in our life styles but we cannot take ownership of such a gift without paying the price. The price is total commitment to universal values as a way of life, not just a nice to have appendage to busy and self-indulgent aspirations.

Living examples of a positive momentum life style

We are fully aware of the pressure that is exerted daily on readers of this column. We meet leaders at all levels on a daily basis and we do not underestimate the extreme demands that they have to face in order to perform satisfactorily.

We regularly meet people that are living examples of leaders who have positive momentum in their lives. During the past few months I happen to have been exposed to four people close to me who went through the trauma of being diagnosed with cancer. The way they face their life threatening experiences is a magnificent testimony of the value of investing in a positive momentum in their past. Let me mention two of these experiences involving people very close to me personally.

All of us experience traumas and pressures in life that in essence feel similar to being diagnosed with cancer.

How we respond will depend largely on the kind of momentum we build up over the years.

I am grateful for those individuals all around us that invest in life styles of positive momentums.

Friend Ronny:  A few weeks ago he was diagnosed with inoperable stomach cancer and was advised that he would have between two and six months to live. He was told that chemo treatment would at best only delay the inevitable result. This is a man that has been dedicated to a life style of spiritual faith and service to others. He was presently contracted by a United Nations agency to do production development consulting in Angola.  I expected some kind of traumatic reaction on his part after receiving the news of his terminal illness yet he surprised me with a positive and humble attitude that is inspiring to others around him. His abiding faith makes a huge difference in how he perceives life and after life.

Recently our one son-in-law, Desmond, was suddenly diagnosed out of the blue with a brain tumour that was malignant. This was an unexpected and traumatic experience for Desmond and our daughter, their family, extended family and many friends. A few days later he was operated on successfully and is doing just fine. Outstanding to all those of us who know and love Desmond and Janina our daughter was the manner in which they tackled an extremely threatening and traumatic few weeks. A life time of allegiance to a positive life style of spiritual faith and unselfish service to others has generated a foundation that served them well when most needed.

Group momentum

Organisations can manifest almost unbelievable power by acquiring group positive momentum. The ability to unite organisations, groupings and families is one of the attributes of really exceptional leaders who move situations and people to great heights. Examples of negative group momentum are also multiple. Criminal gangs manifest this power on occasion. Group positive momentum is essentially about the art of integrating essential values and aspirations, while making full allowance for multiple differences in culture, religion and personal aspirations. I have been amazed on occasion to come across united organisations that make allowance for personal differences. Our country offers many examples of positive group momentum, including the march of political movements and of committed peace negotiations. If the reader tries very hard he may even see such positive signs in the organisation he works for!

Basic needs

Positive momentum in the organisational sense is built around values that meet the basic needs of people to belong and to possess. Sport teams are often examples of how group positive momentum can lead to some amazing results. On closer examination we invariably find that such success is based on integrated motivation, integrated direction and integrated supporting structure that is the basis for successful movement. A soccer team such as Barcelona or a top rugby team do not develop their team brilliance in a day or even in a year. The individual players and coaches devoted many years to develop positive momentums in their different fields of focus. The principles that build seamless leaders in all areas of life are much the same.

As indicated in the article on the Boomerang factor – that which we send out comes back to us in some form of other. What you and I invest today in terms of our attitude and values comes back to us when we need it most.



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