“The Uttered Dream Of A Rainbow” Made Possible If We All Lead – NDP Vision Statement

What do you think of our countries vision as described in the National Development Plan? In the actual document there are more detailed descriptions of what these statements mean, but this gives you an idea.

NDP Vision Statement

We, the people of South Africa, have journeyed

far since the long lines of our first democratic

election on 27 April 1994, when

we elected a government for us all.


Now in 2030 we live in a country

which we have remade.


Therefore, in 2030, we experience daily how:

We participate fully in efforts to liberate

ourselves from conditions that hinder the

flowering of our talents.


We all see to it and assist so that all life’s

enablers are available in a humane way.


We all have actively set out to change our

lives in ways which also benefit the broader.


We all assist the institutions we have creatively

redesigned to meet our varied needs; we reach

out across communities to strengthen our

resolve to live with honesty, to be set against

corruption and dehumanising actions.


We know that those to whom we have given

the privilege to govern our land, do so on our

behalf and for the benefit of all the people.


We say to one another: I cannot be without

you, without you this South African community

is an incomplete community, without one

single person, without one single group, without

the region or the continent, we are not the

best that we can be.


We acknowledge that each and every one of

us is intimately and inextricably of this earth

with its beauty and life-giving sources;

that our lives on earth are both enriched

and complicated by what we

have contributed to its condition.


South Africa belongs to all its peoples.


Now, in 2030, our story keeps growing as if

spring is always with us.


Once, we uttered the dream of a rainbow.

Now we see it, living it. It does not curve over

the sky.


It is refracted in each one of us at home, in

the community, in the city, and across the

land, in an abundance of colour. 

When we see it in the faces of our children,

we know: there will always be, for us, a worthy


Before you close the document, just imagine for a moment what our country would be like if we could strive towards this vision? There wouldn’t be xenophobic attacks; there would be authentic politicians; there would be successful delivery structures; less or limited corruption; respect for one another’s dignity; there would be unity, and where there is unity the “impossible” can happen! We know this because we tasted it not so long ago – with political and sporting achievements.

As always it takes really talented, authentic and powerful leadership to achieve any vision. We need to lift our leadership game to match this vision in our homes, schools, businesses, government, sports arena and civic society! Every one of us must adopt this saying:

“Leadership is my First Profession!”

Let us say this in our businesses, our schools, our homes, our churches, our universities, everywhere! If every one of us believes firstly that we are a leader and then strive to be a better one by leading beyond our direct responsibilities, we will move closer towards our national vision!

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