The Source of Leadership Energy

One of the complaints we come across regularly is the challenge of finding sufficient energy. Pressures on most of us are building up all the time rather than diminishing. Where do we get the necessary energy from?

There may be many reasons that people lack energy. This article is mainly about the mental energy that leaders so desperately need to perform at high levels.

The pool of energy within 

Many of the great achievers in history were (and are) afflicted with serious physical disabilities and were often subject to considerable pain. Yet they performed to incredible heights in spite of their afflictions. The more I get to know top leaders, the more I find that they are not without physical challenges.

It seems that humankind can draw upon great energy from within in spite of serious obstacles. It would seem as if the depth of passion for a specific cause or reverence for the noble attributes within us, and often the depth of faith in a divine heritage can result in energy within that is beyond normal logic.

This has been my experience and I know that many great achievers are driven by inner forces that seem to defy the limitations of the physical body.

The legacy of Ken Powrie

A few years ago we lost a great friend, Ken Powrie. He died from a sudden bout of pneumonia.  I was inspired by his daughter-in-law, a medical doctor that told me of a conversation she had with the medical specialist involved. He told her that Ken, who was well into his eighties, had emphysema and before his death should have been physically unable to walk several meters without pausing for breath and taking a rest. I was serving with Ken at the time and he used to join us every few days. He worked the same schedule of several hours that everybody else did. He walked up and down steep steps. He never complained, never wheezed for breath, was constantly friendly and gave superb spiritual guidance to the younger people around him. He was a loving husband, national leader and a man of great faith. Somehow he could draw upon his pool of energy in a manner that defied logic and physical health limitations. Speaking to him on his death bed he was still a fighter who wanted to be up and going and asked me to tell the people attending him to let him get up!

Aspirational integration as a source of energy   

I knew Ken very well. He was my mentor in some areas. He was a man with a legacy of painful experiences, of tenacious spiritual faith, of a life style of service and honesty. He was driven by universal values without hypocrisy. He learnt from life experiences and became a giant in his own right. Ken was a man who was at peace in himself. He focused on things that matter most and let the rest fall into place.

Energy and values

We meet many leaders and are privileged to work with many of them in personal leadership conversations. We find without exception that those of them who are prepared to pay the price of seeking out and clinging to good values become more happy and integrated personalities. In general they have considerable drive and energy. Not all of them are necessarily in perfect physical health, but you don’t find them complaining. They are too busy moving people and situations around them to find time to complain.

Our mental energy levels are closely interconnected with the degree to which we are able to live according to a sound and unselfish values system and become focused in our desires.

Mental energy is lost when we are at war with our self in terms of clashing desires and values.

The three world concept

Our desires are closely interconnected with our basic attitude towards life. We are what we believe and what we really desire. It is helpful for those of us who want to refine their desires into viable positive aspirations to ponder the Three Worlds concept. While considering this the reader may do well to determine in which world he wants to make his home:

The personal first world:

The first world is our personal world. This is the world we find ourselves in. Many of us are determined not to leave our world. We are what we are and we do not really want to leave, to improve, to grow and to change for the better. In this world we are tempted to strive mainly after selfish, physical and materialistic values.

The extended second world:

The second world is the extended world. This world is a vast world of possibilities, knowledge and potential that stretches into infinity around and in us. In this world we may study and work and choose between thousands of alternatives. In this world we are sensitive to public expectations and being politically correct. Being in this world does not necessarily mean that we change our basic personality or character all that much. We appear to do many good things but we do not necessarily become a good person.

The seamless or spiritual world:

The third world can be described in many ways. It is the unseen world of faith in unseen realities that may often be rejected by the first two worlds because it is not necessarily physically verifiable. It is a seamless world wherein we believe that all barriers and obstacles to potential can be moved. This is the world of becoming as opposed to just thinking about it. It is the world of positive aspirations that grow into destiny contracts that drive us to great achievements. It is a world we are most likely to find spiritual evidences of divinity and infinite possibilities. It is a world that requires great courage and humility and charity for others. It is a world that rejects hypocrisy and negativity. It is a world of belief in self, others around us and in universal values and principles.

Our real values

Our real believed values determine in which world we primarily belong.  All of us flit somewhat between these three worlds as we exert our power of choice. We are continually deciding from which world we draw our energy from. This determines the nature of our true desires.

We can all become more like Ken Powrie if we really want to.


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Louis has been fanatically endeavoring to uncover universal leadership principles and models for longer than most of us have been alive. He is an author, leadership expert, father, grandfather, and the Co-Founder of Leadership Platform.

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