The Essence Purpose of COVID-19

I have been wracking my mind trying to wrap it around the Coronavirus experience. This involves many fascinating interviews with influences across the world. And then the week before last – to process some of it – I wrote an article about living the spirit and letter of the law during COVID-19, followed by an interview on the Gareth Cliff show last week. But even since then my understanding of its essence purpose has crystallised.

As individuals, families and organisations we are on our own intense – and in some cases traumatic – journeys of trying to make sense of the unprecedented and unpredictable pandemic, which may prove to make or break us and our organisations, leaving behind either a more healthy and authentic world or a permanently damaged and unhealthy one.

I think the epiphany for many – with the perfect science of hindsight – is that society desperately needed to pause for some sort of comprehensive inside-out renewal, healing or course correction to take place. And the irony is it was kick-started by a vicious virus. In other words, just perhaps our common enemy is in fact our begrudged “friend” that forced us to take this painful and unwilling path, because we wouldn’t have done it voluntarily.

All of us – especially those in key leadership positions – must as a matter of priority consider our current standing within the context of this historic and global renewal phenomena. It is so easy to get stuck in survival mode right now and that is understandable and even important. However, to initiate thriving-mode you should take time to seriously rethink how you, your family and your organisation will participate in the global renewal process and then optimally plug back into the new reality…in other words, successfully reboot.

You may consider reflecting on questions like: How can/should I, my family or organisation renew/heal/course correct? Rethink values, priorities, philosophies, purpose, directions, structures, models and more, followed by fixing, changing (in some cases radically), improving, preparing, reinforcing. Then prepare for reboot.

Ask, how will we reboot successfully and speedily at the exact right time, to navigate more optimally inside the new reality, in order to thrive and prosper on a more sound foundation? 

We have started on our journey that we are confident will help you on yours. So please allow me to share. Within our context and the mission critical business we are in of multiplying leaders to move society, I want you to fast forward five years – 2025 – and imagine a renewed and healthier society because we succeeded to…

  1. leverage off the spirit of personal accountability (self-leadership) that was at the very core of overcoming the COVID-19 “enemy” – self isolation; remaining self-motivated; being a self-starter with work; and more.
  2. make it possible and exciting for leaders to take personal ownership of their own leadership rethinking, renewal, rebooting and thriving journeys – post COVID-19 leadership.
  3. ensure relevant leadership development actually worked; where leaders went on ground-breaking journeys and actually adopted relevant leadership habits.
  4. attract millions of leaders and leadership experts into one ecosystem, to interact around leadership best practice for the new reality, benefiting any user or organisation inside that ecosystem.
  5. Build, launch and grow a digital ecosystem for all things leadership – content, conversation, development, assessment – that moved with the ever evolving needs of individual organisations and society.
  6. ensure individuals in leadership positions not only became but remained leadership fit (relevant, sharp).
  7. ensure investments in improvement of leadership skills actually resulted in improvement of business performance.
  8. make successful leadership development and empowerment inside organisations an affordable and ongoing daily priority.
  9. raise the profession of Leadership to the same or higher status of importance than all other professions – because we realised we needed better leaders than ever before in the new world. 

We simply have to achieve the above in the next few years because all leaders must think about leading and leadership on a whole new and unprecedented level, if we are going to lead successfully through more unprecedented calamities in the future. We also have to think about the world, our environments, our people and organisations in a significantly healthier and balanced way. 

The kind of Leadership thinking and acting needed right now and post the coronavirus crisis cannot be done in isolation. We need to spark a collective thinking-for-action revolution inside a focused ecosystem that revolves around all things leadership. Aren’t we seeing an escalation of global thinking through digital technology at this very moment, in order to conquer COVID-19? Well, we need this same kind of global escalation in thinking about leadership.

While the current global pandemic seems to have caused geographic and physical boundaries and separation between nations, provinces/states and even local communities, we have never been so united as humanity, in the same cause, ably supported by digital technologies that have no boundaries. However, we must remember that the important secondary cause is to overcome a common enemy called COVID-19, while the primary and most important cause is to renew authentically, reboot successfully and then lead ourselves, our people, our organizations and our planet towards greater overall health and prosperity. But to ensure this doesn’t just remain a pipe dream we must rethink leadership and build – even rebuild – the confidence of leaders to lead during and in the post coronavirus world, which will include facing different and perhaps more complex calamities. 

And this is exactly why we have built a digital platform that brings think and lead together – ThinkLead – and it stands ready to facilitate the leadership journey of rethinking, renewing, rebooting, thriving and hopefully long term prospering. It is a robust Leadership Ecosystem for individuals, tuned in to organizational priorities and connected to the global pulse of leadership conversation and ever evolving needs.

ThinkLead and its partners can and will help you on this mission critical journey.

So, let us tell you more…on Zoom.




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