The Age of Personal Leadership Accountability

In our struggle to do the right thing and stick to our values at all cost, we tend to go through learning stages that on occasion can be very painful. The many resistances to our aspirations to do the right thing can easily destroy our confidence and endurance if we are not sufficiently prepared for it.

Many people, probably the vast majority of us, have a strong desire to do the right thing and live the high road of conscience. In many years of dealings with thousands of people this Old Man is convinced that most of us want to do the right thing and act according to the dictates of our conscience. But, and this is a big ‘but’, not all that many have the ingrained character and wisdom to overcome the resistances along the way. Most of us take things so personally, take offence so easily, hold grudges so tenaciously that we slip into habits of avoiding the high road. It is for a reason that our society relies so heavily on illicit drugs, is addicted to over the counter medication, develops behavioural perversions and inclines to emotional reactions on social media. It is not all that easy to consistently walk the high road of our conscience!

On the other hand we meet on a daily basis those special people who persevere at all costs in acting according the dictates of their conscience. Amongst these people, we also meet those who have obtained a glimpse of and belief in the positive momentum and fruits of compliance with their conscience. It is one thing to have the guts to act according to our conscience, it is another thing to have an abiding and sustainable hope in the positive fruits of such behaviour.

Ultimately, the major factor that enables us to maintain the high road of our conscience is an abiding and deep-rooted awareness and confidence in our inner self. An awareness of the imperative of working diligently on a daily basis to nourish our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical fitness is growing on all fronts in our society. We meet many local and international thought leaders on our Leadership Platform Shows on and during personal conversations on a daily basis. Some of these include world trend setters in leadership and state-of-the-art executive and life skill coaching. Without exception they agree that self-knowledge and inner confidence is an imperative for building an authentic leadership and personal behaviour mindset.

It seems from our extensive experience that in the past many leaders ‘got away’ with a cursory and sometimes contemptuous attitude towards spirituality and inner peace considerations. The feeling seems to have been that you have to choose between getting things done on the one hand, and being a talker on the other hand. As is often the case in life, the feelings they were expressing has a basis in truth. We come across many leaders who get things done and many who talk a lot but do not necessarily get things done.

However, times have changed. What we experience more and more at Leadership Platform is that those of us who do not invest in leadership fitness (including a form of spiritual fitness) tend to bend and often break under the pressure of modern leadership obligations. Our social masks of living double lives are being exposed on a daily basis in our social media as well as in our work environments.

This is an age where authentic and integrity leadership is the greatest need in all areas of our environment. It is not only the top levels of our political structures that are being exposed, it is increasingly our personal, professional and organisational lives as well.

This is the age of personal accountability.

Am I allowing my pride to stand in the way of my growth and resilience? Am I investing in my own leadership fitness on a daily basis? It is interesting that all of us are bound by the imperative of eating and drinking in order to stay alive and acceptably healthy. We are also mostly aware of the need for a measure of physical fitness. Yet we do not as a rule value nourishment of our leadership, emotional and spiritual fitness as a daily imperative.

Our full agenda of leadership functions and stresses drive our days and often nights so that we may often not notice that our lack of nourishment is slowly corrupting our passion and value balance. To relax and to ensure sufficient rest is of great significance yet it does not necessarily fill the hunger that only daily nourishment can offer.

To build and maintain our ability to be an authentic leader requires a mindset of both thankfulness and nourishment.

Louis Groenewald – ‘The Old Man’

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Adriaan Groenewald is a leadership expert and commentator.

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