Thanks For Being An Authentic Leader

Our experience over many years is that the kind of people who are committed to reading articles such as that produced on this website are people who want to grow and become more authentic and better leaders. We honour you for your commitment to deep-rooted values and service to others.

During the year we have been promoting the cause of authentic leadership while speaking out and opposing toxic leadership behaviour. We firmly believe that the greatest need on all levels of our society is that of authentic leadership. It is difficult to find any serious challenge in our society that has not been generated or exasperated by toxic behaviour and poor leadership of some kind or other.

Authentic leaders do not get hooked on blaming others or the past. At some point we have to take responsibility and be accountable.

The year is rapidly drawing to a close. What a year it has been! Leadership Platform continued its extensive contact and relationships with top leaders. It is our impression that the vast majority of leaders feel that they are expected to cope with increasing pressure and higher expectations. It is tough out there!

Some of us are making a real difference

In spite of the ever-looming pressures on our society we keep on finding authentic leaders that are making a real difference! It is true that much of the good works done by such people are seriously threatened by toxic and corrupt practices in our society. This is life, to support the good and oppose the bad in and around us.

We look forward to engaging you more in 2017. We will be stomping the South African landscape to find authentic leaders that share their leadership gems, and we will strive to eradicate society of toxic leaders.

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May 2017 be a great year for all of those amongst us who genuinely strive to be good leaders with authentic values and desires to serve others around us. May you have a great Christmas and continue to grow and bloom as an authentic person and leader.




Louis has been fanatically endeavoring to uncover universal leadership principles and models for longer than most of us have been alive. He is an author, leadership expert, father, grandfather, and the Co-Founder of Leadership Platform.

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