Seamless Leadership – The Destiny Chain

The Destiny Chain is about successfully activating and managing the universal LAW OF MOVEMENT : ‘All movement is process governed by integration of Motivation – Direction – Structure.’ This is what Seamless Leaders do, often subconsciously.

My experience in years of leadership counselling and interviews with hundreds of top performers in our society provides considerable backing for the authenticity of the following steps governing successful process, especially relating to human relationship and organisational performance (movement). This is ‘The Destiny Chain process’:

  1. Define the situation that you want to move carefully and factually.
  2. Define the possible obstacles or barriers (negative expectations and perceptions) arising out of the situation. Be honest and thorough in doing this. Be especially diligent in defining the negative emotional barriers (assumptions, expectations and perceptions), not just the logical concerns.
  3. After completing the list of negative obstacles and barriers, to enable you to shift your own attitude and see the true concept more clearly; list all the positive elements, ( assumptions, expectations and perceptions) that may flow from the situation. Doing this will assist you in preventing fixation on the perceived negatives.
  4. Define positive aspirations (desires); what you want from the situation (forward thinking mode); where you want it to move to.
  5. Define the direction(s) or actions you need to take to successfully realise your aspirations and address the negative obstacles and barriers (assumptions, expectations and perceptions).
  6. Define the structure(s) and supporting organisation, resources, etc. needed to successfully pursue your directions (plans).
  7. Evaluate and re-evaluate (assess, measure, hold accountable) the above steps continually.
  8. Adjust plans or act tough when necessary.
  9. Always re-focus on the long-term vision and positive aspirations.

The above process is known as ‘The Destiny Chain’ because of its tried and tested ability to shift attitude and then generate positive movement towards a better destiny, at all levels.( Note that steps 4-6 activate the law of movement by dealing with motivation, direction and structure). It is interesting how the law of movement falls slap bang into the middle of the Destiny Chain-process, and how everything revolves around it. (More in chapter 6 in our book SEAMLESS LEADERSHIP – Universal Leadership Lessons

The process may require training and coaching, but it is most certainly worth the personal effort.The best form of decisiveness is being ‘decisive in process’, which is how a seamless leader operates. 

Extracts from SEAMLESS LEADERSHIP – Author : Leader Activist Adriaan Groenewald 

More about The Law of Movement – Read here:

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