Seamless Leadership Certificate

This certificate is for all leaders.

The world in its current state needs us to move beyond the leadership development of the past. We have to think, lead and be accountable on a whole new level and we have to understand leadership and the self like never before. All leadership development of the past have been valuable and foundational. However, it is time for leaders to move on towards the indestructible foundation, walls, roof and exquisite interior design of leadership; to build the kind of resilient, agile leaders that will withstand unprecedented tornados of pressures that lie ahead – VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world on steroids. We call this brand of leadership, Immortal – Seamless – (Impossibility, unlimited, boundaryless, universal) Leadership.  

Seamless Leadership fully embraces Authentic Leadership and so much more.

This virtual program – because leaders must master 4IR as well – is more than a certificate and it is in support of our much needed #25000AuthenticLeaders by 2025 vision, to turn the tide on weak, toxic and unequipped leadership during the 2020 decade. Based on many interviews across all continents of the globe we have identified a global leadership crisis – the lack of leadership fitness and depth – exacerbated exponentially by the advent of COVID-19.

Because we can’t keep doing the same things over and over expecting different results, our Seamless Leadership Certificate is very different and aims to equip as many leaders as possible with the relevant skills and depth of leadership fitness, life and spiritual capacity / perspective / understanding to contribute towards making #25000AuthenticLeaders a possibility.  

Our Certificate will offer leaders several “supporting” certificates as they complete and demonstrate understanding of deeper universal leadership and life principles. Upon completion of all supporting certificates the leader may qualify for a Seamless Leadership Certificate, following the final steps mentioned below. The leader will then be so much closer to Immortal Leadership.  

On the journey the leader will belong to a dynamic growing community of emerging Seamless (Authentic) Leaders inside a Virtual Leadership-Fitness Club, with access to a growing library of rich leadership content, discussion forums and everything to do with leadership, including invitations to live discussions on numerous leadership topics by top global experts and soon several leadership eBooks.

Completing our Certificate will result in the following overall outcomes. A leader who… 

  • has acquired the skill of thinking and leading on a whole new level required to function in today’s world. 
  • has acquired the skill and will to work regularly on remaining authentic leadership fit for the VUCA world on steroids.
  • has demonstrated their effective use of different components inside the Virtual Leadership-Fitness Club, which is a digital leadership ecosystem that supports leaders to Think and Lead on that required level. 
  • has moved beyond ordinary – though necessary – leadership training to a deeper grasp of leadership as being his/her first profession and calling.
  • has an understanding of the science and dynamics of movement and can generate the required movement of self, others and organization.
  • is committed to making personal self-discovery and growth a way of life and who is equally passionate about helping others do the same.
  • is passionate about leadership that flows from accessing and remaining his/her Best Self.
  • understands how to manage one of the most valuable possessions of any human being – attitude of self and others. 
  • is committed to not only becoming an eternal student but also a mentor of leadership.
  • is committed to the universal principle of sustaining the office of the top leader. In other words, he/she will be a leader that aligns personal growth with their current environments authentic needs.
  • demonstrates the ability to understand, embrace and optimise existing organisational systems and values. 
  • takes personal responsibility and accountability for their own leadership fitness and personal happiness to an unprecedented level. We have to move beyond the belief that one’s organisation is responsible for one’s personal and leadership development.
  • is a happy and self-fulfilling leader.
  • increases in spiritual, emotional and social capacity.
  • increases in their ability to see through the eye of faith and not only the eye of sight. 
  • acquired a much broader, even global perspective on leadership. 

Supporting Certificates that make up the Seamless Leadership Certificate: 

  1. Seamless “ME-Leadership Vision” certificate 
  1. Seamless Movement Specialist certificate 
  1. Seamless Life Skills certificate 
  1. Seamless Attitude Management certificate 
  1. Seamless “Leading-Happiness” Certificate 
  1. Seamless “Leading-Instincts” certificate

The Seamless Process followed during every supporting certificate, which includes a Seamless Leadership Mentor: 

  1. The leader works through the relevant eBooks on their own time.
  2. In line with the infinitely important principle of taking personal accountability, the participant engages with their Virtual Seamless Mentor, to clarify, ask questions and discuss theoretical and practical application as well as a demonstration of their Virtual Leadership-Fitness Club.
  3. While on this journey the participant interacts with the various components of the Club to schedule goals inside their Leadership Fitness Plan that sends them reminders to follow through on commitments. Every goal or action they schedule earns them automatic points and so does ticking it off as complete. If their organisation has its own Virtual Leadership-Fitness Club these commitments will be aligned with its values and competencies, so as to achieve leadership fitness that their environment requires.
  4. Participants will also record learnings from the eBooks as well as Mentor interactions inside their Personal Leadership Fitness Plan (PLFP), resulting in points earned. Any other leadership fitness activities will follow the same procedure – report inside PLFP and earn points.
  5. The leader also needs to actively engage with content and other leaders inside the Virtual Leadership-Fitness Club. In short, make full use of the Leadership Ecosystem in order to expedite personal growth and ensure leadership fitness. All interactions result in points earned – posting a message; completing short tests where relevant; and so on.
  6. The leader encourages those who work with and for him/her to complete real-time feedback on leading self, others, organisation and society inside the ecosystem and then the leader plans their personal development and goals around the detailed feedback received. 
  7. The leader allows their mean score results from the real-time feedback to appear on the Global Leaderboard inside the ecosystem. 
  8. In line with the infinitely important principle of personal accountability, when leaders feel they have grasped the essence of the universal principles they may compile all their recorded learnings inside their PLFP as a report that explains their understanding, with practical examples of successful application. The report is sent to their Seamless Mentor.
  9. After reviewing the report, the Seamless Mentor communicates that he/she is ready to engage, should that be necessary. If needed, the participant must then request a one on one discussion with the Seamless Mentor to discuss the report and findings. This may result in the leader needing to go back and review one or several principles, resulting in an updated follow up report and meeting.
  10. If the Seamless Mentor feels the leader has reached the right level of understanding, change and accountability for own development, a certificate is awarded.
  11. At any given time during this journey the Seamless Mentor may request an audience with the participant’s file leader or a direct report, to ascertain momentum of actual change “on the field”, in real life. 

Final steps 

Ultimately what matters most is whether the participant leader really changes, gets better as a human being and leader. And, does he/she move closer towards their Best Self and Best Performance? If this does not happen the journey failed. 

Hence the following final steps: 

  • The Certificate must be completed within a year.
  • While real-time feedback is encouraged, the leader once again asks those who work with (above, same level) and for him/her (“below”) to complete feedback. The results will show whether there is progress or not. 
  • When all supporting certificates have been awarded – depending on the feedback results – the Seamless Mentor may make contact with the file leader of the participating leader as well as some of their direct reports. The Seamless Mentor decides which ones.
  • These sessions are to ascertain perspective and context of the leader “on the playing field” and are confidential. Our overriding questions will be: Has he/she changed personally? In what way has he/she changed? Has he/she changed in how they engage followers and colleagues? Is he/she performing, creating expected movement?
  • If these reports show success in some areas but not in others, we encourage the leader to revisit some of the principles learnt before signing off, in order to solicit real and lasting change.
  • If these reports are overwhelmingly positive we sign off and the leader will receive their Seamless Leadership Certificate.

Why the Virtual Leadership-Fitness Club?

Belonging to a Virtual Leadership-Fitness Club offers much more than this dynamic Certificate program:

  • Being part of an elite growing group of Seamless (Authentic) Leaders (#25000AuthenticLeaders by 2025)
  • Truly growing towards ones full potential
  • Personal Leadership Fitness that results in career progression
  • Remaining up to speed on latest Thought Leadership via a growing Leadership Content library
  • Remaining up to speed on leadership views and thinking via Leadership Forums
  • Adhering to behaviour and habit change commitments via their own Personal Leadership Development Plan, with regular reminders
  • Continual learning through access to top Leadership Programs
  • Continual learning via access to live “Power Hour” sessions (webcasts) with top experts
  • Access to top Mentors
  • Being connected to the best leadership minds
  • Peer Mentoring, advice and support throughout the leadership journey
  • Compiling of a Portfolio of Evidence to present to anyone relevant

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The first component of Leadership Fitness is ones deepest drivers – “why I want to lead?” Please include in your motivation why you want to go on this unique Seamless Leadership journey. 


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