My Team at Leadership Platform and I recently launched #2020DAL  – 2020 Decade of Authentic Leadership. In short, it’s the launch of an Authentic Leadership Revolution for the next decade, in order to expedite the emergence of Authentic Leaders and turn the tide on weak, toxic and incompetent leadership. You are welcome to get up to speed here.

One of the three actions we committed to is the delivery of Authentic Leadership Seminars and Coaching. Together with our Quality Partners we will seek opportunities to do this in public forums and inside organisations. But, today we are launching “Power Hour”, to revolutionise the way leadership development is done, by leveraging technology to do the following, bearing in mind this is a culmination of 20 years of interviewing and working with leaders all over the world:

  1. We will hold weekly Power Hour sessions via Zoom on various themes relating to becoming a more Authentic Leader. To truly change and grow one must implement consistency and regularity. Doing these sessions weekly will get your mind and heart into Authentic Leadership space and assist you to lead more effectively, all week.
  2. On the day and at the set time you log in and watch, listen, type questions, learn. At times you may even engage the presenter direct.
  3. Introduce you to our Leadership App that brings Authentic Leadership, all things leadership and management of your own leadership journey right to your fingertips.
  4. You have the option of expanding into personal one on one sessions as well.

Do the above weekly (Power Hour) and daily (via the APP) for a couple of weeks and you / everyone around you will see and feel how you are changing, improving as a dynamic and authentic leader.

The weekly Authentic Leadership Power Hour will do the following for you:

  • Re-focus you on Authentic Leadership on a weekly basis. Ensure behaviour change.
  • Help you discover / rediscover your true self and remain connected.
  • Help you think like an Authentic Leader – universal, seamless and confident.
  • Help you discover what your deepest drivers are.
  • Help you discover what your limiting beliefs are that hold you back from reaching your full potential.
  • Help you understand exactly how to create successful movement as an Authentic Leader.
  • Help you accept positive change as a way of life.
  • Help you become a better partner, father, mother, leader and human being.
  • Help you find more peace and happiness in a difficult world and this will rub off on your current and future followers.
  • Help you to empower those around you to bring their Best Selves to the conscious level.
  • Help you to build an authentic leadership culture in your leadership teams.
  • Include you in a community of Leaders via the Leadership Platform App. This means you will be able to engage those leaders from all over who are also on the program with you, via the Leadership App – support, mentor, inspire one another.
  • Bring you back to Authentic Leadership on a daily basis, via the Apps regular short Authentic Leadership Messages, or engagements from other leaders that are in your group.
  • Provide you with your own Personal Leadership Development Plan via the App, in which you schedule personal change commitments. The App will then remind you to do these as often as you request it to – hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Reminders happen via the App and email.
  • On occasion, Power Hour will introduce you to special guests, experts in the field of leadership development – more particularly Authentic Leadership Development – as they join Power Hour sessions. These special guests will also become Contributors of leadership wisdom on the Leadership App.
  • On the App will be 10 podcasts that assist you to strengthen your Authentic Self and leader. These are for free.
  • The App will also house leadership articles, videos and messages from leaders and experts all over the world.
  • Finally, on the App you will be able to participate in the #2020DAL Vision, the Global Authentic Leadership Revolution by: 1. Sharing your views (messages, articles, audios, videos) on the global leadership situation. 2. Share your views on how we turn the tide on weak, toxic and incompetent leadership 3. Share what you are doing or intend on doing to contribute positively to the #2020DAL Vision 4. Most important, share examples of Authentic Leadership in any sphere of life. We must promote Authentic Leadership like never before

We think you won’t find a more dynamic and powerful leadership fitness journey out there.

Contact us: info@leadershipplatform.com as an individual and organisation. Power Hour can be implemented inside your organisation (anywhere in the world), even customised to your needs, at a very low cost yet extremely high return. This could be ideal in the following situations:

  1. Development of leaders that are dispersed across a country or continent
  2. Motivating, inspiring, upskilling an under-performing team
  3. Taking a performing team to the next level
  4. Simply keeping your leaders leadership fit; keeping their minds focused on leadership – that best part inside them
  5. You could also ask us to come and do a motivational Power Hour talk, if that is your need.

Let’s not only drive an Authentic Leadership Revolution but at the same time revolutionise leadership development and its exorbitant costs, through technology!

Hope to hear from you.

Thank you for listening / reading.




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