Patience And Impatience In Leadership

Patience and impatience are triggers of entry into different worlds.


Impatience takes on different meanings. On the one hand it may be said that impatience generates action. Yes, that may be true in the same way that a storm motivates us to seek protection and safety. On the other hand, impatience can be a destructive scourge that may be seen as a chief enemy of inner peace and positive happenings.

Impatience and patience are often mixed in differing portions in all of us. We may be patient in some areas and impatient in others. It is precisely because a mixture of patience and impatience is so common in our daily lives that we may embrace blind spots in relation to the real danger of impatience:

  • Impatience is a triggering spirit that can have power to control our actions, our character and ultimately our destiny.
  • It has the power to be explosive in hate, envy and destruction.
  • It has power to subdue and take ownership of our choices, our feelings, our thinking, our beliefs and our desires.
  • Impatience may be the gateway for evil.



Patience may manifest in different forms as well, both positive and negative. Some of us may lump our lack of courage or character under the banner of patience.

On the other hand, patience as a spiritual attribute is one of the most precious gifts of life:

    • It is a humble trigger of inner peace and universal values that are the foundation for positive and transformational behaviour.
    • Patience opens doors that give us access to light, truth and strength to do the right thing.
    • Patience and love are interconnected.
  • Patience is by its very nature the opposite of intolerance, bigotry and malice. We cannot have faith in deity without a deep-rooted commitment to patience in doing the right thing and not fearing the consequences of our choices.
  • Spiritual patience should not be confused with a ‘lack of doing’. In fact, the core of patience is trust in specific values and courses of action. It is such commitment to a value driven course of action that motivates us to avoid impatience or wrong actions.
  • Patient people always keep their cool because they are committed to a deeper sense of purpose than what may be represented by impatient behaviour. By its nature impatience is driven by short term contexts and patience by the greater context of things.



Patience and impatience open different doors to different worlds.




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