Making something from nothing

As I go about my job of interviewing top leaders and experts, including futurists, it is very clear that in South Africa difficult economic times are upon us and projections are that it won’t improve much in the medium to long term. We are all sensing the reality of this. The tax burden is cumbersome; escalating costs are crushing our dreams; finding a job seems – collectively at least – a daunting task. Many don’t have much hope for the future, which may be understandable.

The above means…”start your own business”, they say. For most people however, needed resources like capital and expertise are not readily available. And, for most, making something out of nothing seems like an impossibility – in their minds at least. It seems we can no longer rely on systems, structures and organisations for our own personal security and prosperity.

I feel for small business owners that struggle to keep head above water – receiving messages on the one side that the economy depends on their success, while on the other side there are so many structural and systemic challenges. I feel for people that hold on to their jobs simply because they have to. I feel for those that cannot find a job and cannot see a way to start their own business – who feels hopeless. I feel for those that have the blessing of work, but they struggle to live the lives they want to because of escalating costs and a declining economy. I feel for political leaders that try hard to change this picture and carry the burden of needing to make promises they know deep down they can’t deliver on. I feel for our society in general that do not have confidence to rise above this picture I described, mostly because we are stuck in the old way of thinking; old way of earning a living; old way of making money; not willing to engage the new, boundaryless world we live in.

Times have changed, and the quicker we see this reality, the quicker we can adopt and adapt to the opportunities that are presenting itself right now. So the good news is…there is HOPE! In today’s interconnected world with the marvels of technology, anyone can make something from nothing; in fact make a lot from nothing! We simply need to be open to learn and be adaptable – the quicker, the better.

The Internet has changed our lives and the world for good. It has truly turned the world into one connected global village. If you catch this vision you are well on your way. What this “one global village” needed however was a global currency, so that it could transact as one place – one geography – rather than be burdened by all the barriers associated with different national currencies, for example.

In comes Bitcoin – a global, boundaryless currency, and if you catch the vision of this technological intervention your life could change from a financial point of view…drastically!! Combine the internet, technology and bitcoin and you can truly make something from nothing – a lot of money from minimal investment; freedom from debt; independence from financial institutions; movement towards your dreams; confidence in your future and that of your children; trust in the global village concept; and much more!

A little bit of homework for you. What is Bitcoin?

To improve Bitcoin the clever people invented blockchain. What is blockchain?

The Internet and Bitcoin are changing the world in an exciting way.

Now, you can simply buy Bitcoin with your local currency and sit on it, or you can do something to dramatically grow your Bitcoin wealth – one bitcoin = approx. R8 800. Imagine if you can earn many bitcoins per month. And when you have bitcoin you can convert it back to rand or whatever currency you choose. You can get a bitcoin credit card and live off your bitcoin card. You can travel with your bitcoin card. You can buy pretty much anything with bitcoin. It is the way to go!

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