“Leadership Fitness & Inspiration Offering” For Individuals

It’s time to revolutionize leadership development – quality, cost, impact

Our vision is to aggressively promote and grow Authentic Leadership in the world; and to combat toxic leadership along the way.

 Most of all, we want to revolutionise leadership development from an authentic content, impact and COST perspective. Why should the elite (top leaders in organisations) be the only ones to benefit from the best and authentic leadership development programs, because it is so expensive?

 We also want to raise the mood out there – combat negativity.

 Ask yourself:

    • Am I a leader, or a leader in the making?
    • How do I develop myself as a leader? Do I wait for my organisation to send me on expensive programs or do I take / want to take ownership of my own development and future?
    • Am I willing to invest a nominal amount per month for daily authentic leadership content / comments / advice from top leaders and experts?
    • If your answers are: Yes I am a leader/leader in the making; Yes I want to take ownership; Yes I am willing to pay a nominal amount per month; Then read on…

This offering will do the following for you:

    • Bring top leaders, experts and inspirational individuals right to the email inbox of your phone and computer, daily.
    • Raise your daily awareness of leadership – top of mind – done by top leaders and experts.
    • Teach you leadership principles daily – done by top leaders and experts.
    • Motivate you daily – by top leaders, experts and inspirational individuals.
    • Create a positive feel about the world and its possibilities – top leaders and personalities are asked to share a message with the audience.
    • Give you the opportunity to record yourself or your current leader’s leadership messages and send to us – max 3 min video clips. We may decide to share it with the world. Email us direct for more detail on this magnificent opportunity.
    • Online support for questions and discussion around principles shared.

 1.  Leadership Fitness:

Just as daily exercise makes one physically fit, so DAILY exposure, thinking, discussing and doing make the difference and generates leadership fitness, inspiration and motivation.

1.1           Daily Leadership Fitness / inspirational Thought – daily consistency:

    • You will receive a daily short leadership fitness thought in your email inbox.
    • Attached will be a short – 2 to 3 min – video / audio clip on leadership, inspiration or a personal message by top leaders, experts and inspirational individuals like: Mteto Nyati CEO MTN; Joey Evans (completed Dakar 2017 from being paralyzed 10 yrs ago); Shameel Joosub CEO Vodacom; Peter Steenkamp CEO Harmony Gold; Sello Hatang CEO Nelson Mandela Foundation on Mandela leadership; Prof Theo Veldsman; James Ritchie from the USA who retired from 26 businesses at age 35; and other international success stories
    • This daily thought puts your mind into leadership mode, or it inspires and motivates you to do and be better.
    • We encourage you to initiate conversation around the thought where possible.
    • We encourage you to make use of the online tutoring and conversation facility.

1.2       Online tutoring (optional):

    •  You may discuss daily thoughts and its practicality with online Leadership Platform Experts.
    • This can take the form of online coaching; assisting you to apply principles practically, for personal and organisational benefit.

 2.  Costing:

Please note that we are attempting to revolutionize the cost of leadership development. Whereas it would cost any individual thousands to participate in such an authentic journey, we now offer it to you at R1 per day or R2 per day (or close to the equivalent in another currency) should you opt in on personal online tutoring.

  • Leadership Fitness Journey @ R1 per person per day – daily message and video / audio clip – R365 (which equates to just over R30 per month – or close to the equivalent in another currency). Show proof of payment for one year, we enrol you and the journey begins.
  • R2 per person per day with online support – R730 (which equates to just over R60 per month – or close to the equivalent in another currency). Show proof of payment for one year, we enrol you and the journey begins.

If you are interested in taking your leadership development into your own hands by participating in this dynamic programme, contact us:

 Contact information: Kevin Farquharson: +27 (0)12 653 3022, kevin@leadershipplatform.com or info@leadershipplatform.com




Call: +27 (0)12 653 3022
Email: info@leadershipplatform.com

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