Leadership Conversations – Launching Pads For Success

What is the difference between a leadership conversation and a normal discussion or conversation?

Leadership conversations are intended to move a situation in a positive direction as opposed to just talking.

Why hold leadership conversations?

It could be for a great variety of reasons that may include the following two:

  • Achieving a specific leadership objective such as consensus seeking, unity, evaluation of progress, accountability, discipline, sharing, fellowshipping, seeking answers, etc
  • Avoiding the judging at a distance syndrome. To judge any situation from a distance that excludes personal discussions with a stake holder is almost always deceptive and unwise. To judge from a distance is almost always wrong to some extent or other. No matter how mature and well-meaning we may be, to judge a situation from a distance is an unwise and often irresponsible attitude.

Rules to ensure optimum conversational benefits

  1. Asking The Big Question when approaching any conversation or situation in life: ‘How can I help move the situation in a positive direction?’ This may provide immense help in ensuring a positive approach and result.
  2. Respect for the dignity, potential and contribution of others: Our overall attitude towards all people around us and specifically towards those involved in the conversation can be inspired by the Leadership Platform suggestion of treating all people with respect for their dignity, potential and contribution at all times.
  3. Channels of excellence: Developing the skill of seeking out channels of excellence in others is a gift that has unsurpassed advantages for any conversationalist. As we practice the above-mentioned principles we will automatically be more sensitive to the unique talents and contributions of those around us. We all have channels of excellence that are pointers to the good and the divine potential in us. Encourage these channels and they will then serve as links to other channels of excellence.
  4. The Law of Resistance: ‘All movement is accompanied by resistance’. Positive movement in any conversation will be accompanied by resistance of some kind. Anticipate resistance, and discern between two kinds of resistance (negative perceptions):  a) Legitimate precautionary input. This is a necessary element that serves the cause of wisdom. Raising issues that could cause the parties concerned damage is an example of a legitimate precautionary input. b) Negative resistance to positive momentum. It takes wisdom to discern the difference between a and b. Often the leadership conversation itself will help us understand what is a legitimate precautionary input and what is simply resistance to positive movement.
  5. The Law of Positive momentum:  ‘Positive momentum is a choosing process’.  By implication this means that negative momentum is also a choosing process. We are the masters of our choosing.
  6. Expect a positive outcome in any conversation, even if it is only to be found in our own enriched experience. Nobody has the right to deny you and I the privilege of expecting a positive outcome to any situation. We may not have the right to force others to be positively inclined but by the same principle nobody can force you or I NOT to expect positive outcomes in life.

Conversations are a dominating function of our society. Leadership conversations on the other hand, are the launching pads that propel our society forward.

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