Immortal Thinking & Leading

We are living in very unique times; vastly different from 30, 10, even 3 years ago. Hence this very unique message…

Because of the accelerated and radical changes we have and are experiencing we need to approach leadership from a vastly different perspective.

During these unprecedented times leaders are expected to perform miracles – do the perceived impossible – by continuing on a path of never ending improvement and performance. It doesn’t matter what happens around them – pandemic, war, riots, political turmoil, corruption, digital revolution, generation gaps – the expectation remains unchanged, to improve and perform. Where does such a path of continuous improvement – despite any opposition or resistance – ultimately lead to – zero defect; perfection; permanent success…immortality?

Every entrepreneur, professional CEO or political party leader would want to build an organisation that stands the test of time, from generation to generation. Which again highlights the instinct towards immortality – not wanting what we build to fade away or “die”; not wanting to die ourselves. If this is the course we are pursuing or where we are ultimately heading because it’s how we are wired, perhaps it calls for thinking and leading equal to the task. So let’s call it “Immortal” Thinking and Leading.

The level of our thinking about anything and anyone determines the level of our behaviour and how we live life, treat others and lead.

Quick example: A bold vision represents a higher level of achievement and the more we believe in and think about that vision and how to achieve it the more it lifts our level of behaviour, plans we make, how we deploy and treat people, and everything we think and do.

If we don’t lift our thinking and leading to a whole new level, we will keep wandering aimlessly on a superficial level that simply doesn’t match the depth of challenges and hight of expectations leaders face. And we will continue developing leaders that aren’t equipped for the now – never mind the future – with failure becoming the norm. We have to move beyond the superficial “Six Leadership Principles that will…” or “10 Fundamentals of Leadership…” messages to something much deeper and more meaningful.

I am about to introduce you to the deepest and highest level of thinking that could lead you to your highest level of leading, because how we think impacts how we lead.

The biggest picture of life, in stages:

For the next few minutes, let us elevate our thinking into the immortal realm, then shift to immortal leadership.

We move through life in stages, from baby to childhood to teenage years to young single adulthood to adulthood to retirement and much more in between.

On this journey we are all trying to improve, grow, progress, become and achieve more; to move towards our higher potential – often described as qualifications, promotions, business growth, family expansion, accumulation of wealth and so on. Surely all the investment of pain and relief, successes and failures, ups and downs, happy moments and sad ones, just living and constantly learning prepares us for something far greater than we can perhaps imagine?

It does. I believe the purpose of all these stages through life is in fact to prepare us for the over arching third and ultimate stage – “immortality” – preceded by the two stages of pre-mortal life, followed by birth into mortality and then on to death leading us towards immortality, preferably at the highest level – yes, even in immortality there will be more stages or levels.

So this is where our never ending quest for improvement leads us. It’s an inborn instinct that stretches beyond this life only. Now, how will an eye fixed on immortality impact how you prioritise time and activities, live life, look at or treat people, and lead?

We will begin with the end in mind. Ultimately when you have consciously become immortal – on the highest level – what may it look like and how will this state impact leadership then and now? As an immortal being you will:

  1. Know no boundaries – naturally do what seemed impossible as a mere mortal because immortality is synonymous with miracles and impossibilities, seen from a mortal perspective;
  2. Not be held back by the limitations of a temporary or limited body;
  3. Not have to deal with the concept of time as we know it;
  4. See and remember perfectly, all the way from your pre-mortal existence (before birth) to every moment you spent on earth alone and with others – the past, present and future will all be before your eyes;
  5. Adding to point four, possess the full capacity of your brain, on all dimensions – every thought, motive and action you ever had or did will be clear, every bit of knowledge acquired will be remembered;
  6. Be at peace and in control of all appetites and passions – in essence be driven by pure motives;
  7. Experience perfect happiness, fulfilment and joy as a way of being;
  8. Possess “perfect” perspective of what matters most;
  9. Not live by faith anymore – as we know it now – but by pure knowledge;
  10. And infinitely more…

Now, if you want to equate immortality to becoming a super hero, you are welcome to do that. However its not that superficial, yet there would be an inkling of truth to that comparison. There is an underlying reason why we are all so fascinated by super heroes.

Fundamentals towards the deepest level of thinking:

To see and make the best of this deepest level of thinking for a whole new level of leading doesn’t just happen overnight. Here are at least 15 fundamentals, principles and concepts you would need to accept, believe, learn, understand, remember and become:

  1. Learn to think on a whole new level or dimension, beyond science and physical sight. It is the domain of faith (I don’t necessarily mean religion here) – seeing life through the eye of faith and not the eye of sight. Faith is simply an unexplainable feeling that something is true, even though you can’t see or prove it, followed by action. As leaders we do some of this all the time. We take people towards a place (vision) that doesn’t exist yet and we want them to believe in this vision that’s not even visible, then act. That’s playing in the faith domain. Some leaders are brilliant at it. Those who discover, practice and become “eye of faith fit” start entering into this immortal world.
  2. Become a “truth-seeker” of all things – not just by sight but by faith also. Ask difficult questions and seek answers that may have no scientific proof.
  3. Believe that mortality and our journey towards continuous improvement are seamlessly linked to pre-mortality – where we come from – and immortality – where we are heading. We are not here by chance. Its part of a grand plan. The transition from this life to the next will be much more seamless than we can imagine.
  4. In line with being a truth seeker, attempt to make a link between the pre-mortal, mortal and immortal stages of our eternal journey, without being judgmental or prideful. For example, why do some people seem to be borne with more capacity, talents or abilities to lead and make an impact in this life – the “are leaders born or made” debate? What could they have done or achieved in their pre-mortal life, which prepared or equipped them better for mortality? Why are children born into the same family with the same gene pool so vastly different in personalities, even exact twins? Can someone start this mortal life seemingly with a “head start”, yet because of decisions made, regress in a way?
  5. Remember that you are currently in mortality. You need to get through this period – as consciously as possible – and die to progress further.
  6. Accept in faith and make peace with the fact that there is life after death – that there is a much bigger picture at play. Believe there already exists a way to overcome death – to wake up on the other side – so your immortal destiny will resume or continue. Death is a mortal perspective, not an immortal one. In other words, when you die and look back you won’t see death but so much more life ahead of you; it won’t feel like you died but that you simply stepped through a door closer to immortality, an infinitely more exciting phase of your existence.
  7. Understand that your body that currently falls ill, grows old, bleeds and dies will eventually miraculously – only from a mortal perspective – be restored into a body that cannot fall ill, grow old, bleed and die – flesh and bones, no blood.
  8. Accept in faith that this life is a time of testing, preparing, growing towards an immortal life here after. And – as mentioned earlier – the more consciously you approach immortality while in mortality the more fulfilling, rewarding it will be. You see, immortality will be perfectly fair.
  9. Be courageous enough to heed and explore your deeper impressions, feelings, instincts regarding who you really are and what your eternal potential is.
  10. Realise that the highest level of an immortal life constitutes multiplying, expanding, growing eternally, continuously improving and most importantly…creating. In other words on this earth it’s not the wealth or the large earthly empire you build that needs to be celebrated or appreciated but the acquired abilities and skills to create…the ability to create momentum, movement.
  11. Consciously study, ponder and practice – during mortality – to become and think like an immortal being – the evolution or circumstances of society should be pushing you to do this anyway.
  12. Strive to avoid the mortal trap of defining success according to a limited and temporary perspective because this will draw you away from your ultimate destiny. So it isn’t wealth, possessions, fame or power. It’s something much more valuable. It’s that which will accompany you into the next life and prepare you better for the highest level of immortality. And most importantly it’s “who” will accompany you, it’s mostly about people, then the what, knowledge, experience, wisdom and your deepest authentic character – who you have and are becoming.
  13. Learn to admire people for the right reasons. Admire Elon Musk, Rafael Nadal, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa and many others for their incredible abilities to demonstrate a small part of the immortal qualities mentioned earlier. These type of individuals give us a glimpse of our potential as immortals, though they are not yet immortal by a long shot.
  14. Start seeing those immortal qualities in yourself and others, then nurture them. These qualities are genetically (spirit genes) planted inside us.
  15. Go out of your way to learn more about the Leader and Author of this grand plan. As you start thinking with an eye of faith, on an immortal level – while in your limited mortal state – you will realise it is possible to build a personal relationship with an immortal person – mostly referred to as God – who is simply ahead of us on this remarkable journey. God has achieved the highest level of immortality where the ultimate desire is to lead others along the same path. Just as immortality is real and exciting, so God is real, a perfect leader with a perfect desire and plan to help us achieve our greatest potential. Most of us don’t get to know God because we don’t learn to think immortal and see through the eye of faith.

Therefore, the highest level of leadership:

Leadership is synonymous with never ending, eternal improvement and progression, therefore eventually thinking and becoming immortal. In other words, you cannot become immortal on the highest level (achieving one’s full potential) without also harnessing the leader within. Leadership is simply bringing to the surface that best part in all of us and our organisations, or the part of it we are leading.

The highest form of leadership is leading yourself and others towards their highest level of improvement, which ultimately is immortality. Every human being you lead now will one day become immortal and you will once again look them in the eye…forever. Are you preparing yourself and them for that, and at what level?

I end with these leadership related questions:

  • Are you leading your people on a quest of continuous improvement, towards achieving the “impossible” – that seemingly unattainable vision – by practicing their eye of faith and not only their eye of sight?
  • Do you often see “miracles” – unexplainable events and achievements – happen around you and those you lead?
  • Are you awakening the full potential of every individual within your leadership influence – authentic, continuous personal and leadership development?
  • Are you expecting the best of every person, not to make you look good for investors or anyone else but because that’s simply their and your destiny?
  • Are you leading for the right reasons – not the superficial and temporary reasons mentioned under point 12?
  • Can you perhaps sense, on some level, the sacred role – even calling – of leading? It’s an honour to be a leader, not a right. Leadership is not a sign of your superiority nor a way to feel important and become wealthy. It’s another step on your journey towards the highest level of immortality. And, it’s your destiny to steer others in the same direction. This will include finding ways for every person you lead to also lead, no matter how “small” the opportunity may seem.

Welcome to the deepest level of thinking; the highest level of leading – Immortal Leadership. Very few leaders will be ready for this. Are you?

If you are we have an entire journey ready for you, resulting in the awarding of a Seamless Leadership Certificate. The journey will be like no other and develop your capacity to think more seamlessly, develop your eye of faith, your ability to think more immortal, to tap into Immortal Leadership. Success as a leader will become inevitable.

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