Seamless Leaders Approach To Life?

Imagine leaders that:

• Create the movement you, your organisation and other stakeholders expect

• Always strive to somehow positively impact more than just their responsible area

• Always strive to understand the underlying purpose, essence of everything they do

• Push boundaries and achieve the “impossible”

• Know how to work with people and get the best out of them

• Make more effective decisions

• Confidently deal with obstacles and challenges

This is what Seamless Leaders do, because of a certain attitude that can be described as follows: a passion for the deepest essence and biggest possible picture, both bringing context when it comes to the SiPCOM Experience.

What is the SiPCOM Experience?

SiPCOM captures what all the employees in your organisation have in common, even though they are all unique, different and complex. When they walk through your company’s door, these five things will happen throughout their day:

❏ Situations: They move from one situation to the next all day long – some expected and others not.

❏ People: Everything they do revolve around people – colleagues, clients, suppliers. It is all about people and building relationships.

❏ Choices: Throughout their day they are called upon to make choices, decisions about all these various situations.

❏ Obstacles: Your people will face many obstacles, challenges, barriers, problems and resistance during the course of their day. They need to process these most effectively.

❏ Movement: They are expected to create movement – improvement, growth, change towards their and the organisations full potential.

The “COM” in SiPCOM reminds you that all your employees have these five elements in common – in fact all of us on this planet do, from the day we are born to the day we die.

Every single day your people are thrust into a continuous cycle of never-ending SITUATIONS, mostly involving other PEOPLE and requiring constant CHOICES (decision making), accompanied by persistent OBSTACLES and challenges, in order to MOVE their responsible area and the organisation forward towards a desired future.

Imagine if every employee can do each of these five things a little better; if they can engage the SiPCOM experience a little more confidently? Seamless Leadership is about a specific, universal approach to SiPCOM. When confronted with one of the SiPCOM elements, they do the following:

1) Search for the biggest possible picture that impacts the situation/s, or a person/people, a choice/s, an obstacle/s and movement.

2) Move to the deepest centre or essence of a situation/s, a person/people, a choice/s, an obstacle/s and movement.

A Seamless Leader never views any of these commonalities in isolation. So they tackle SiPCOM from the deepest inside out and the biggest outside in.

A leader that always defaults to the biggest possible picture will make decisions that positively impact more than self and his responsible area, and will also influence others and society at large. “In life and leadership the following principle holds true: the further we see, the further we can go; the bigger the picture we see at any given moment, the bigger our dream and vision can be. In summary, greater context results in greater decisions” (Seamless Leadership Book)

A leader that always defaults to the essence will never miss the real purpose of what he is doing, the why behind everything, the main drivers, or the source? He/she will mostly be more motivated than the next person. A biggest possible picture context, combined with an absolute deepest essence understanding results in boundaries pushed and impossibility achieved, as perceived by others, while for the Seamless Leader it may not be that impossible because of the big picture context and understanding of the essence. For him/her it is simply the way to go; the right thing to do.

Because of the above the Seamless Leader is naturally and consciously driven by models and processes that are timeless. For example, because they drive to the essence of movement they automatically default towards implementing the “Universal Law of Movement” (podcast – 2 Feb) and the “Universal Law of Resistance” (podcast – 16 Feb).

Seamless leadership is so much about this powerful attitude that automatically regulates certain behaviour, which in turn results in the development of certain attributes, which are eventually entrenched into one’s very character and being, forever. So-called success becomes synonymous with such a character.

Consider how effective you are at drilling down to the deepest essence of the SiPCOM elements. And how good are you at seeing the biggest possible picture?

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