How Do I Rate Me As A South African Leader?

As we look at the many time bombs that are brewing in our country, as leaders / citizens our attitude towards our country becomes an important matter. Are we part of the problem or part of the solution?

Our mindset can be measured by our desires to bring about transformation at every level of our society. In other words, we need to embrace the reality of having to improve and grow the leadership and performance levels in all areas of our country, or else we will pay the awful price as an individual and as a community.

There are probably many ways we can rate our own mindset. We propose that we use the Big Core Value Question as an effective way to measure our mindset

‘How can I help move the situation (all situations) in a positive direction?

To quote from the Leadership Transformational Change Model:

  1. The only person that can build my transformational mindset is ME’
  2. ‘A person that does not have an affinity for the BIG Transformational Mindset Question probably does not have an affinity for a transformational behaviour mindset.’  The Old Man

These statements can be interpreted as meaning: if we do not have a committed full time affinity with the Big Question, then we are part of the problem. The question is then: Where are my talents and efforts predominantly channeled towards? The answer can only be -my own self –indulgent aspirations and I am probably paying lip service only to the great needs of our broader environment.

Does this mean that we should change the things we are engaged with in our busy schedules to keep our heads above water or prepare our self for our future needs?  No, not at all.  But an honest evaluation of our mindset does require that we look at the driving motivations behind what we do on a daily basis.  Is it genuinely our desire to be part of the solution?  In other words, is what I am doing on a daily basis genuinely contributing to an overall passion to ‘help move my life and the lives of others in a positive direction?’

In our Leadership Platform Show on on 5 September 2016 we discussed the Big Question with guests leaders Catherine Constantinides, Sibongile Khumalo and our regular co-host, Ellis Mnyandu.  They expressed their support of the mindset that the Big Question evokes.  Sibongile and Catherine also added their conviction that such a mindset presupposes that we invest in values such as an unselfish passion for the welfare of all in our country and a willingness to respect and serve each other.  Listen here to the broadcast.

We agreed on the Show that it is not easy for a person to simply adopt a mindset of ‘helping to move (all) situations in a positive direction’ without the supporting character and values that accompanies such a mindset.

What kind of a South African leader am I?


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