Earning more is not easy

Most would agree to earn a lot of money in today’s world is not easy, and you need bundles of it to follow your dreams and secure your family’s financial future. To earn really well you either have to work your backside off in a large corporate to get to the top where few earn obscene amounts of money, or you have to start and succeed at your own business. But, to start any small business and make a success of it, from a financial point of view is also challenging. You need at least the following:

  1. Money – start-up capital.
  2. A very good product/service – preferably different from competitors.
  3. Resources – office space (in many cases); a computer; sales people (might start with you only); branding (business cards, logo, etc); systems.
  4. A market – enough people that will want what you offer.
  5. Marketing/promotion efforts. The market must know about you, somehow.
  6. Resolve, determination to want to succeed – a motivation that will help you through all the difficult times, which will follow as sure as night follows day.
  7. “Luck”, timing, etc.
  8. And much more…like certain skills, knowledge about finances, people and what drives successful businesses.

Trust me, this list is part and parcel of starting and running a business. In fact the list is only the tip of the ice berg. Nothing can prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead and the difficulties you will face; the surprises that will come your way on a daily basis – It simply aint easy, which is why 70-80% small businesses fail within the first 18 months of its existence.

Fortunately we live in a time where the internet and technology come together to present opportunities that are quite remarkable and offer the following:

  1. Limited, almost no start-up capital.
  2. A product/service that is excellent.
  3. Very limited resources.
  4. An unlimited, global target market.
  5. Simple marketing/promotional effort required – again, don’t need a huge budget for this.
  6. You still need determination and discipline. Nothing worthwhile comes easy!
  7. “Luck” and perfect timing? The world is in a mess economically! Luck and timing has however converged.
  8. Huge earnings!

With the opportunity we offer you there are no excuses and if you end up failing the main obstacle would have been yourself – the absence of resolve, determination and some discipline to push through for a short while at least.

If you believe you possess these qualities and you truly want to secure your and your family’s financial future, in such a way that you could tap into and live off your income from anywhere in the world, then this is your opportunity to be part of a win/win fellowship and approach. Contact us to continue the conversation – adriaan@leadershipplatform.com




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