My Team at Leadership Platform and I have declared the 2020 Decade as that period in which we launch an Authentic Leadership Revolution, to turn the tide on weak, toxic and incompetent leadership. We hope to do this – together with quality partners  – by expediting the development, showcasing and empowering of Authentic Leadership. It will be done under #2020DAL – 2020 Decade of Authentic Leadership.

Everything rises and falls on good or bad leadership. Said another way, the large and grand door of society turns on the small yet important hinges of leadership.

Read any analysis of 2019 events or even the decade of 2010 and it becomes clear that we have a global leadership crisis on our hands and it is escalating, even compounding fast. This is not an American, European, Asian or African challenge but a global one. I always say, “Thank goodness for pockets of excellence, but we have a crisis nevertheless”.

We seek solutions to the downward trends on all fronts, from climate to economic to political to moral. Yet what all these and others have in common – collectively speaking – is weak, toxic, selfish, short-sighted or incompetent leadership.

Our society has become extremely complex, sophisticated and fast, mostly due to technological advancement. Hence we need Authentic, Confident and Visionary leaders like never before; the kind of leadership that can leapfrog us forward, not just counter balance the dearth of quality leadership that is allowing things to spiral out of control. 

So let us expedite the emergence of Authentic Leaders. Truth is an Authentic Leader stems from a healthy inner self, that Best Self that exists inside each of us. It just needs to be brought to the surface and then manifest outwardly as Authentic Leadership. But this is a personal decision. You have to “will” your Best Self and your Authentic Leader to come out, to surface.

Let me share what we have done or are doing to contribute to the #2020DAL Vision. 

First: Building of Global Leadership Platform – To get the global conversation going; to add value to innumerable leadership development and empowerment initiatives globally we have taken more than two years to build Global Leadership Platform (GLP). It is like a social media platform, but focused on all things leadership, because right now the world needs it desperately. 

Second: Leadership Platform and its partners will be using this Global Leadership Platform to mobilise the Authentic Leadership Revolution. On it we will ask you to share: 

  1. Your views (messages, articles, audios, videos) on the global leadership situation
  2. Your views on how we turn the tide on weak, toxic, incompetent leadership
  3. What you are doing, intend on doing to contribute to the vision
  4. Examples of excellence in leadership in any sphere of life. This will inspire us all to greater heights. We fight the bad by highlighting and promoting the good
  5. Manage your own leadership development and movement through your Personal Leadership Development Plan

And more…

Third: Together with our partners we will be presenting powerful Authentic Leadership Seminars and Coaching, to expedite the uncovering and/or strengthening of your Best Self, so that you can become an optimal Authentic Leader. More about this in due course. 

If you are a forward looking and visionary organisation you are no doubt striving towards a strong, resilient and authentic leadership culture, so that leaders on all levels are empowered to take your organisation through and beyond the 2020 decade.

We can offer your organization – whether a large private, public, government, civic, political, church or other organisation – your own Leadership App within days, with more features. We can also ring fence and customize the App for your own internal leadership development and conversation needs, yet in some way link your organisation to the wider vision and conversation, should you choose that. And we can also offer you your own internal Authentic Leadership Seminars, with the help of the most qualified and competent experts out there. 

We would love to come and demonstrate the GLP App to you. It’s vision and possibilities will blow you away. 

Let’s make the 2020 decade that period in which we turn the tide on weak, toxic and incompetent leadership, individually, in our homes, organisations and society at large. Let us drive the Authentic Leadership Revolution by showcasing and developing Authentic Leaders with greater urgency than we have the past decade. 

Contact us at

  1. If you believe you can add productive value to our #2020DAL Vision, as a Political Leader, CEO, Leadership Expert, Author, Ordinary citizen. 
  2. If you want to talk about how we can strengthen your organisations Authentic Leadership Culture.
  3. If you are interested in attending a future Authentic Leadership Seminar.

Look forward to hearing from you. #2020DAL 

(2020 Decade of Authentic Leadership)

Adriaan Groenewald

Leadership Activist

CEO & Co-Founder Leadership Platform

Co-Founder Think Lead – Creators of Global Leadership Platform


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