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I want to share something with you… We have a Global Leadership Crises. That is a fact. For the past few months I have been interviewing leadership experts / facilitators / authors / coaches like you from across the world and they all agree.

But as we have gone on this journey we realized there is another challenge that’s not helping with this crises. Social media is here to stay. Social Influencers on these platforms are in our faces all the time, together with innumerable examples of the crises. Some of these influencers are the problem, are the ones creating our toxic leadership environment. Yet, amidst all this commotion the very people – certainly you – that can address the global leadership crises have little or no presence on these platforms; they (you) aren’t heard enough; they (you) aren’t social influencers at the level required. I can only speculate why we have come to this point. But it is what it is. We are working on a Global Leadership Platform that will balance the scales. But right now this is the situation.

So, what’s important is what we do about this? How do we elevate the presence of Leadership “Experts” or Influencers? Or, how do we take at least some of them from being quiet Leadership “Experts” to becoming assertive Social Influencers that elevate the answers or solutions to our global leadership crises? We need their voices to be heard. We need your voice to be heard and your business will benefit from the spin-off.

We are putting up our hand because we are as equipped as anyone else in this space to help you elevate your voice out there. Only difference is, it will be done authentically. In August alone at least 351k people saw my tweets. And then we have Leadership Platform with 34 000 followers and Global Leadership Platform with 17 000 followers. Over and above this we have many social influencers, leaders and HR Managers that follow us.

I have now practically demonstrated to a couple of people what a difference we can make:

Case Study 1: A Doctor and Author of several leadership books tweeted a wonderful article and interview she was involved in, but no retweets, likes and hardly anyone saw the brilliant message, yet the world is in desperate need of it. We got involved and within a day or two almost 4000 people saw the message, with several retweets and likes – 1 000% increase in reach.

Case Study 2: An Australian Expert who has been on twitter for 8 years tweeted a powerful article by McKinsey. Again, no retweet or like, hence few people even saw or read it, yet again it’s a message leaders needed to see. We get involved and a day later approx. 3000 people saw the tweet, many read, commented, liked and retweeted, including another Expert from the US and a CEO of an organization, who even mentioned he downloaded the book that was referenced. Increase in reach incalculable.

Case Study 3: Another Expert and Author who has been on twitter for three years posed three pertinent questions to leaders regarding culture. No responses to her powerful and needed questions. We get involved and soon after thousands have seen the tweet, several comments below, including the CEO of a large organization and other prominent influencers. How do you measure that positive improvement?

I would love to share a presentation with you that will contextualize how we can elevate your voice toward becoming a more prominent Social Influencer within the Leadership Space.

Please email me on and I will email back with the slides, or we can chat via Zoom about our global vision of combatting the Global Leadership Crises.

You are welcome to visit me on twitter: AdriaanG_LP

Adriaan Groenewald
Leadership Activist
CEO & Co-Founder Leadership Platform
Co-Founder Think Lead – Creators of Global Leadership Platform




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