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Leadership is in crises all over the world. We need a Global Leadership Conversation about how to change this. To kick it off with Conversation no. 1, for the next six months to a year, starting early April 2019, we will – on an almost daily basis – be holding high impact 5 min Authentic Leadership Conversations with top leaders (political, corporate, civic, spiritual) and experts across the world, discussing two essence questions:

1. What is the most important quality/attribute we need to develop/awaken/improve in leaders if we are going to turn around the current leadership crises? Why?

2. How do we best develop/awaken/improve this quality/attribute?

All high impact interview recordings will be placed on Global Leadership Platform (GLP) where leaders from all over the world may add their voices by way of comments. In other words, interviewing top leaders simply gets the conversation going. But all views are important.

This is just the beginning. We have taken almost two years to build GLP to take leadership conversations, content, development and in fact all things leadership to the world. In short one could argue GLP is the social media platform for all things leadership, because the world needs it desperately. The platform has now been tested extensively and we are ready to move forward. Let’s get the conversation going…

You are encouraged to interview your top leader yourself – asking and discussing the above two questions for a maximum of 5 min – then place the interview on GLP for the global community to listen, watch and comment.

If you would prefer that we interview your top leader, please propose via email:

In fact, you are welcome to record yourself as a leader or expert sharing your answers to the above two questions on GLP – maximum of 5 minutes.

Let’s take our planet forward with improved leadership.

Kind regards,

GLP Team

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