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MTN Business Thought

“The quest for sustainable advantage begins with the business model, see developing an innovative business models as a major priority” – Mike Gee  

MTN Business Thought

“Conflict gets in the way of everything else. Your ability to facilitate resolution will undoubtedly boost your ability to lead.” Richard Angus

Is The ANC South Africa’s Best Option?

To all South Africans – black and white – supporting the ANC, as opposed to the DA or EFF, is perhaps the shortest route to a more successful South Africa…if only it was that simple though. This stark reality dawned on me once again during a recent conversation with a respected business leader. It is […]

Dear South Africa

Like many of you, I love this country. For those of you who think you don’t, or don’t know if you do, when you get to that really honest place inside, you realize you too love this place, or at worst, you want to love it, be loyal to it, experience that special feeling of […]

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