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Is The ANC South Africa’s Best Option?

To all South Africans – black and white – supporting the ANC, as opposed to the DA or EFF, is perhaps the shortest route to a more successful South Africa…if only it was that simple though. This stark reality dawned on me once again during a recent conversation with a respected business leader. It is […]

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Big Picture NOT Tunnel Vision

On his Facebook page Mzwanele (Jimmy) Manyi said this: “100 days later Mmusi Maimane the DA (Democratic Alliance) leader says his focus is NOT blacks but South Africa. So the prioritization of black people is NOT DA policy. I just feel sorry for ALL the blacks in the DA who may have rightfully or perhaps […]

Opinion & Analysis
Transformational Entrepreneurs

The words transformation, entrepreneurship and black economic empowerment are among those that we hear on a daily basis. These days it seems as if every journalist, radio and TV host, every trainer and certainly every politician are experts on transformation and entrepreneurship.  What do these words really mean?  When we combine the words transformation and […]

We Need Real Leadership In The Mining Sector

What is the lasting solution to current wage negotiations in the mining industry? Perhaps what we need is a shift in attitude more than anything. The unpredictable, fast paced, highly visible, volatile, connected and radically changed environment we find ourselves in necessitates something different. We cannot approach situations as we always have expecting different results. […]

Leadership Well-Being And Excellence

LEADERSHIP WELL-BEING Prof Theo H Veldsman Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management, Faculty of Management, University of Johannesburg Prof Theo Veldsman joined us in the CliffCentral Leadership Platform studio to discuss his article captured below as well as other related leadership issues.  A fascinating conversation ensued: Listen here – Part 1 Listen here – Part 2 1. […]

When The Top Leader Is The Problem You Have A Problem

When movement does not happen as it should the blame can and should almost always be placed at the feet of the top leader! Here is a scenario or case study to consider: You are the group CEO of a large international business that is at the forefront of remarkable change, because the industry itself […]

Our Dire Need For A Leadership Miracle : Everyone An Amazing Leader

The year 1994 was the year of the political miracle in our country. We were the darlings and envy of the world because of our peaceful transition to a democratic dispensation, aspiring to give everyone a fair place under the sun. Our new Constitution was celebrated as the most progressive in the world, exemplary of […]

Eskom : Time To Act!

Dear South Africans During an interview I conducted with former President Kgalema Motlanthe recently he stated that we are a nation of activists and that “South Africans won’t roll over and die when there is an injustice meted out to them. They will rise against any form of injustice. And that’s our saving grace.” The […]

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