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Category: Characteristics, Attributes, and Qualities

What Voices Do You Listen To?

The following illustration is told in different ways. We give our own version. It is called Joe and the Mountain. Joe was climbing the mountain. It was one of his dreams to climb this specific mountain. The wind was gusting strongly but Joe persevered by himself. After several hours of grinding hard work, he reached […]

Leadership – A Journey in Personal Growth and Change

When all is said and done there are two expectations of you as a leader: Create movement of the situation that has been thrust upon you, and Your behaviour while doing this We expect President Zuma to move South Africa to a better place, and in broad strokes, we expect certain behaviours from him. While […]

Avoid These 9 Leadership Traps

We live in unprecedented times! Leaders experience pressures like never before. It is simply the nature of our time where socio-political, economic and technological elements collide, interact and impact each other like never before in history. Let’s look at 9 traps leaders step into as a result: Not letting go fast enough. Many leaders are not […]

Leadership Conversations – Launching Pads For Success

What is the difference between a leadership conversation and a normal discussion or conversation? Leadership conversations are intended to move a situation in a positive direction as opposed to just talking. Why hold leadership conversations? It could be for a great variety of reasons that may include the following two: Achieving a specific leadership objective […]

The Art Of Being Important

‘Being humble means recognising we are not on earth to see how important we can become, but to see how much difference we can make in the lives of others’. This quote from Gordon B Hinckley was given by host Adriaan Groenewald on the Leadership Platform Show on recently. An inspirational discussion on the […]

A Seven Point Guide to Seamless Leadership

Over the years we at Leadership Platform have had personal leadership conversations and dealings with hundreds of top performers local and foreign. We are often expected to express our feelings on what constitutes a good leader. In due course one develops a sense of how to gauge quality leaders. At the same time we have […]

Characteristics, Attributes, and Qualities
Honest Leadership – Is It Possible?

Recently we met with Neal Froneman CEO Sibanye Gold, followed by a meeting with one of his Executives Dawie Mostert, to continue our recent leadership conversation of the previous week on Cliffcentral Leadership Platform. It was a refreshing experience, for various reasons. However, when I analysed it objectively, what stood out for me was simple […]

Characteristics, Attributes, and Qualities
Want To Achieve Greatness? Do Not Fear What Others Might Think!

There are many reasons why some make it to the top, or become successful (however one defines success), and why others simply don’t. One could blame lack of skills, experience, emotional intelligence, personal motivation; absence of “luck”; losing track of personal values; hubris; and much more. But there is one overarching, and perhaps even surprising […]

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