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Gareth Cliff

Controversial Gareth Cliff is the presenter of a national morning drive-time show on radio. Until recently he appeared on the most popular M-Net show Idols twice a week. He has almost 200 000 friends on Facebook (this is huge); he is bright with a broad general knowledge; very opinionated; and he is only 33 years […]

Arend Kotze – CEO of On The Dot

Arend Kotze is the CEO of On the Dot, a one-stop media logistics solutions company within the Media 24 group. Their solutions include warehousing, delivery, distribution and much more. Kotze and the organisation is an interesting leadership case study, especially because of their exponential growth over the last decade and more so the last three […]

Vicki-Marais Swanepoel – Young Leader Learning Tough Lessons

Vicki Marais-Swanepoel, though the youngest ever managing director of PAG (Professional Assignments Group) and within the Kelly Group, has learned some hard and important lessons in life. From starting her career ten years ago when she did not even know what the company was about, to becoming the MD of PAG a company that  occupies the […]

Gary Player – Golf Icon and Leader Part Two

Gary Player believes, “the way you judge great men in the world are people that have suffered and have love, like Mandela, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa.” As I mentioned in last week’s article, having love in one’s heart with no energy to share it can be counterproductive and quite possibly depressing. Player works […]

Gary Player – Golf Legend and Leader Part One

Gary Player, for me represents energy, positivity, tenacity, endurance and understandably so, confidence. Some of the values that drive him seems to be discipline, hard work, love, a desire to improve in every respect and a strong faith in God. A senior leader in a business shared an interesting story with me. While on holiday […]

Victor Matfield on Consistent Leadership

During my interview with Victor Matfield he took a piece of paper from his pocket. The information on the page was entitled ‘self knowledge’ with headings: strengths, weaknesses, changes and principles and values. Under each of these headings were written 4-5 points. He wrote this page in 2004 after his first and not so successful […]

CEO New Clicks, David Kneale says Keep It Simple

He was raised on a small island called the Isle of Man, between England and Ireland, 21 miles long and 12 miles wide with a population of about 50 000 people. It was a simple life where everybody knew one other. Kneale was however keen to ‘get out’ into the big world, which is what he […]

Dr Stephen Covey – Part 2 – Balance

Let me kick off with the last piece of advice from Covey on the show: “I just really think there is such tremendous, almost unbelievable potential here. If I were to give a person advice I would say realize you have four parts to your nature – for your body, assume you have had a […]

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