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Art And Leadership

Every human being has some leadership in them. And, every human being has some artist inside them as well. Is this true? We discussed and debated with Elsabe Donovan, founder of Open Window Institute, a private university that, in essence trains modern day artists or designers. Could the awakening of the artist inside someone improve […]

The Leader – The Critical Bridge

On our weekly leadership master class we discussed the role of the leader to be the critical bridge between his/her organisation and its context out there. Listen here To connect their organisation and followers effectively to the context so that they fit the context with its demands and requirements, leadership has to fulfil certain Contextual […]

Leadership Around #FeesMustFall

Shifts in our society are and will compel leaders to change, to become more authentic, to “get off their podiums” and truly serve the people rather than entertain their own belief that the people are there to serve them. Leading this attitudinal shift is our next generation, the higher education students of South Africa. They […]

Take A Leader, A Strategy And Add A Huge Dash Of Organizational Culture

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Peter Drucker “If you get the culture right, most of the other stuff will just take care of itself.”  Tony Hsieh CEO of “Culture can become a ‘secret weapon’ that makes extraordinary things happen.” John Katzenbach, Booz&Co “A strong, distinct Organisational Culture can improve organisational performance by 20% to […]

Three Hours of Leadership Inspiration & Development – every Monday – FREE

Leadership Platform is an organisation with a passion for transformation towards an EMPOWERED society – empowered individuals; empowered teams; empowered organisations! To help achieve this EMPOWERED society we facilitate a weekly three hour slot on an “EMPOWERED” Cliffcentral station that goes where the internet goes, called “Leadership Transformation Platform”, which at this stage takes the […]

CliffCentral Show
Catherine Constantinides Shares Her Wisdom

Her smile is wide and welcoming, posture strong yet elegant, and she seems immediately comfortable as we sit down and exchange a few words before the show.  But it is also clear from the moment we first shake hands and introduce ourselves in the CliffCentral common room that she is feeling a little nervous, edgy, […]

Phiri, RBPlatinum and Montoedi, NUM – A Leadership Coup

A few weeks ago I wrote about the protracted and damaging platinum strike and declared this: “It seems this strike is unprecedented and smells not only of egos and extraordinary hunger for power, but also leadership and societal failures that stems, in large measure from our mining and even political history.” My conclusion at the […]

A Dialogue with Zwelinzima Vavi

We had a fascinating leadership conversation with Zwelinzima Vavi recently on CliffCentral Leadership Platform. I have met many leaders from different spheres of society. Surprisingly few of them have presence, or gravitas. Vavi has this, with his tall physique and authentic confidence to back it up. From the moment he walked into the CliffCentral studios […]

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