Are You Asking Yourself The Right Leadership Questions?

The questions we ask consciously and sub-consciously determine our attitudes and our momentum. Without asking questions we cannot grow and will stagnate. If we do not consciously develop the habit of asking positive questions, then we may automatically default to negative or self-absorbed sub-conscious questions.

The following are some key questions a leader may want to focus on in his or her quest for excellence:

Attitude Check – Big Question

‘How can I help move the situation in a positive direction?’

This question may be applied to all situations in life, small or ‘great’. It is an excellent ‘attitude check’ question. By asking this question throughout the day we make a deliberate choice to seek out the best in all situations and to resist being swept along by negative perceptions and influences.

Relationship question

‘How can I partner with you to help both of us move in a positive direction?’

The relationship question is an extension of the Big Question. It helps us in our quest to develop positive relationships rather than satisfy short term relationship challenges only.

Process question

‘What process should I use to help move the situation in a positive direction’

All positive movement is achieved by process. Positive results need to be worked for and requires mastery of processes to do so successfully.

All positive processes consist of two essential actions – Evaluate and Do (the Edo factor). To do is to move. Therefore the next question follows:

‘What do I ‘evaluate’ and what do I ‘do’?’

From a leadership perspective the essence of evaluation and doing centres around the need to move in a positive direction. Good leaders therefore instinctively evaluate the applicability of the Law of Movement that states:

‘All movement is governed by the integration of motivation, direction and supporting structure’. All three elements must be present or movement cannot take place. This applies to all movement in nature or of humankind. The quality of movement will be determined by the clarity and believability of motivation, direction and structure.

At Leadership Platform we call the universally applicable process to move situations in a positive direction ‘The Destiny Chain’ that consists of key questions that need to be asked in order to arrive at the necessary actions to be performed in order to move successfully.

How do you rate in your ability to ask the key questions of good leadership?

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