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Adriaan is the ideal Advisor / Executive Coach to top leaders in this modern era – CEO’s; senior executives; top politicians and government officials; top sports officials & coaches. He becomes their sounding board, confidant, counsellor towards understanding and making sense of this VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world; effectively growing personal, team and organisational Leadership Fitness for increased confidence and better performance. The following prepared and continues to prepare Adriaan well for this sacred function:

  • Leadership Master Class Presenter – For almost 20 years he has been interviewing all types of top leaders and experts for various platforms, including nationally for the Business Report newspaper. The past three years have been weekly on the digital platform CliffCentral for his Leadership Master Class – staying abreast of top leader needs, challenges, trends, success formulas. Adriaan has engaged Presidents and top politicians; CEO’s of large, medium and small businesses; educational leaders; national sports coaches; and many more.
  • Leadership Author – Several books and hundreds of published articles. Books: Seamless Leadership; Moving Towards Your Leadership Destiny; CEO Leadership Handbook. Contributor to several other books like – Leadership: Perspectives from the Front Line.
  • Social Media Influencer @AdriaanG_LP expanding, supporting, promoting authentic leadership and exposing toxic leadership via social media. Personally 66 000 plus Twitter followers; Leadership Platform @LeadershipPform has 31 000 followers; and Seamless Leadership Book @SeamlessLeader ‏ has almost 17 000 followers. Adriaan is followed and regularly liked / retweeted by very influential leaders.
  • Experience in media engagement – No CEO or top leader can survive without personal and wise insights on engaging media, especially in todays interconnected world. Over the years Adriaan has been very involved in media engagements, from running his own radio shows to writing articles for national newspapers to being interviewed on television numerous times. And of course he understands the pros and cons, pitfalls of modern day social media.
  • Wider context – Adriaan has interviewed/interviews widely and written about it – business, political, civic, sports, labour and other leaders. Top leaders can never look at just their organisation. They have to consider the wider socio-political and economic dynamics and context. This makes Adriaan the ideal sounding board as leaders consider the big picture in their decision making.
  • Co-Founder and CEO of Leadership Platform – This is the structure that supports Adriaan to be the best possible Advisor. It is a modern, lean business consultancy that leverages digital structures, a powerful network and strong partnerships towards assisting the top leader to be more successful – ensuring personal, team and organizational Leadership Fitness.
  • Qualifications – SA Police College graduate; Bachelors in Psychology (University Pretoria); Labour Relations Diploma (University of Johannesburg); Postgraduate Qualification in business and strategy on a Master Degree level (Hull University UK); several hundred published articles on leadership, three published books and on-going EBooks and articles.  
  • Convenor of key Community Leadership Projects – Daily Authentic Leadership Development Project – Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Corporates; Business Master Class on CliffCentral; Youth Leadership Platform on CliffCentral and in communities – partners, Sibanye and Student Brands. Founding Partner of Transformation Platform – transformation towards an empowered society.
  • Sporting achievements – Adriaan reached his 2nd Dan Black Belt in his younger days. He learnt the value of character, effort, sincerity, self-control, discipline, hard work and many other valuable characteristics.
  • Spiritual leader – In Adriaan’s church there is no paid ministry. While building his career he served in various part time capacities, including as a leader of a congregation of hundreds of people for five years. He had to inspire, teach, counsel, advise and serve while balancing the demands of family, work, studies, personal fitness and other roles. There after he served in a presidency of three over 15 congregations for several years. Spiritual Intelligence is the latest buzzword. Leaders not only need emotional intelligence but also spiritual intelligence. Adriaan is a great sounding board for this component.
  • He lives in the bush – This may seem like a strange one, but Adriaan commutes between city life and the bush where he lives right next to Kruger National Park. He often holds leadership conversations on skype, from his balcony overlooking Kruger. This life style allows him to experience contrast, to reflect deeply, to incorporate lessons from there into conversations and to show by example that we need to do what works for us and our families, in order to achieve happiness.
  • Personal life experience – Adriaan is 49 years old with vast life experience as a husband, father, friend and citizen. He has learnt valuable personal and business lessons through the hard knocks of life.
  • Testimonials – Let the testimonies speak for themselves.

As Adriaan recently stated to leaders: “You know…and we know that no one can predict the future and that most if not all leaders – who are honest with themselves – feel a different pressure, unlike any era in human history. What we also know is that the environment in which we lead is becoming more complex and that the speed of everything is picking up exponentially. Authentic Leadership is under threat and toxic leadership abound like never before. We have to start multiplying not only Authentic Leaders but Authentic Leadership Activists – individuals that work tirelessly to become Authentic Leaders themselves, who assist others to become the same, while aggressively combating toxic leaders and behaviour along the way.”

Let Adriaan, his team and their powerful network of partners come and assist you and your leaders to navigate profitable movement.

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