Actively Ridding Society Of Toxic Leaders

I am tired of toxic leadership in our society! At the same time I am passionate about authentic, great leadership that the world needs so desperately!

Examples of successful and authentic leadership seem to dissipate daily. We see far too much in the way of toxic leaders that hog headlines and damage or destroy individuals, organisations and even countries around us. And what is being done about this? Frightfully little!

Every day employees and citizens seem to sit back and – on face value – accept this downward spiral as if they can’t do anything about it, and perhaps when a few brave ones do act, it backfires on them – the career limiting scenario.

A leader with a title has dangerous and unfair power over his/her people. It is extremely difficult for a junior person to take on a senior individual that clearly – or even ignorantly – does not respect his/her title and the honour of leadership it brings. It is time to say NO MORE; to stand up and do something about this!

Let me introduce the new me. I am a Leadership Activist: Actively standing for (even fighting for) authentic leadership and actively resisting (even fighting against) toxic leadership! I raise the “Title of True Leadership” and will walk the length and breadth of our country doing this. I want you to join the revolution and with me raise this “Title of True Leadership”; become an activist who actively stands for true leadership and actively resists toxic, unauthentic leadership.

We – with your help – will do it this way:

  1. Actively promoting great leadership: Done on various platforms – weekly CliffCentral Leadership show; Daily Leadership thoughts that you can subscribe to via Cell C, MTN and soon Vodacom; Twitter and other social media platforms; going to organisations and interviewing successful leaders; and much more.
  2. Eradicating in every possible way toxic/egotistical leadership that is damaging human beings, organizations and society: See more below on how we will do this and how you can help.
  3. Helping GROW weak/young/new leaders that are humble enough to change: We will actively promote the best possible models, experts and programs out there that effectively develop leaders; that are not just sausage factories and money making ventures.

As I said, we will go the length and breadth of South Africa and beyond, often with our recording equipment, interviewing and then showcasing great leadership and even uncovering bad leadership.

Here is what you can do as a Leadership Activist:

  1. Report authentic, inspirational, extraordinary leaders to us. We will give them a shout out and where possible interview them and share them and what they do with the world.
  2. Report toxic, unauthentic, destructive leaders to us. More needs to be said about this:


  • You email                                                                                                or when you know of a leader that falls into the category of toxic, destructive leadership. If you prefer we will keep your complaint confidential.
  • We will engage you to make sure that: 1. your complaint is genuine and that it isn’t a personal vendetta simply because you wanted his/her job, or you didn’t get the raise you wanted, or any other unauthentic, selfish reason. 2. You have tried all you can to address the situation and that it seems too difficult and unrealistic for you to take on alone.
  • When we are comfortable that your motive is authentic – because you are a true Leadership Activist – we will raise the issue with your CEO or at the highest possible level. Why? Because he/she is or should be the ultimate custodian and title bearer of great leadership.
  • We will give your organisational hierarchy a reasonable time to address the situation and keep us updated. You will also give us feedback from your perspective.
  • If the toxic leader is not addressed satisfactorily by your CEO or organisation, we go public. We will let the world know about him/her.

Please join the revolution for “extraordinary, authentic, sincere, caring, performing leadership” by becoming a “Leadership Activist” that raises the “Title of True Leadership”. Let us actively stand for authentic leadership and actively resist toxic, unauthentic leadership! What is the alternative if we don’t? 

Listen to Adriaan’s voice message here




Adriaan, as an accomplished author and leadership advisor, has been interviewing and working with top leaders for more than 15 years. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Leadership Platform. (Twitter: @AdriaanG_LP)

Call: +27 (0)12 653 3022

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