A Once In A Life Time Leadership Experience In The Authentic African Bush – For You And Your Family #OnceInALifetimeExperience

You are already a successful leader. Yet, you have felt a prompting for a while now to take your leadership to the next level, for yourself, your current position, for society at large and for your family. However, you struggle to find that valuable time due to a current demanding lifestyle. And perhaps you don’t know exactly how to shift into that new and exciting space.

You have read books and it helped a bit. You have attended certain programmes over the years, and this too helped somewhat. You have even been coached – or are currently being coached – and this helped more. But still you have that quiet, insistent impression that you have more to offer as a person, a leader and parent.

We live in very interesting times and as an up to date modern leader I don’t have to convince you of how challenging it is to lead in today’s dynamic environment; I don’t have to convince you of how the world and followers have changed; I don’t have to convince you of the demands this places on your family; I don’t have to convince you of this statement by David Bednar: “Sometimes we try to run so fast that we may forget where we are going and why we are running”; and finally, I don’t have to convince you that the world needs Authentic Leaders, defined as: Being true to oneself and one’s leadership position, with a strong moral underpinning for greater good of all we serve – Quote by Dr Tineke Wulffers. This brand of leader will restore the trust deficit that has developed between leaders and follower’s world over, collectively speaking.

The world and your organisation, your family, need you – and the leaders under you – to be and remain inspired Authentic Leaders. The alternative isn’t an option because it’s simply too disastrous to contemplate, especially for our future generations.

Therefore, your prompting to take yourself and the leader inside you to that next level is a timely – even inspired – one. Do not ignore it. But launching this important journey successfully, within the confines of your current lifestyle, will take too long, which the world can ill afford, and you won’t procrastinate any longer.

To be true to that inner voice, you must at greater speed and accuracy access or reconnect with your deepest, best and most authentic part that lies deep under the surface, which is an intensely personal quest. Because of the urgency, it is a journey that initially requires an overdose of peace and quiet; it is a journey that requires the right on-point questions from someone, and then deeply honest responses from you; it is a journey that requires time out from your crazy, pressure filled and hectic world, for a start. In my view, you must kick-start this most important and urgent process in a most authentic, relaxing environment – a total contrast to your current place – and few environments compare with the African bush. Enough quality time here will expedite your journey!

So, come to me (us) for a couple of days.

I will:

  1. spend only 1-2 hours with you every day, holding personal – one on one – leadership conversations. While this happens my wife and children will give your family an unforgettable time.
  2. facilitate your connection with the Authentic African bush, to expedite a “rejuvenation / re-connection journey” towards your deepest authentic self and leader. You will go on safaris (alone and/or with your family); go for walks, cycle or jog next to the famous Crocodile River; enjoy close encounters with bush animals; eat well; and much more, while you think – all this can be experienced by your family as well. So, I will ensure peace and quiet, a relaxing time, so that you enjoy an optimal thinking environment.
  3. in the spirit of Executive Coaching and therefore one on one contact, meet you where you are right now on your journey and start off with relevant questions, then give you that special time to ponder, so that you discover / re-discover as clear as daylight who you are, what your roots are that keep you standing, as the winds of pressure and change rage above the ground; who your true unique self is; what your values and deepest personal drivers are; what your purpose in life is; and more.
  4. ask relevant questions for you to discover / rediscover the obvious and deeper expectations – moral and performance – of your current leadership position, and then align this with your true authentic self.
  5. assist you to raise that awareness of universal principles associated with successful Movement, for yourself and that of your leadership position/s. Whatever happens, when you return to the – often unauthentic – hectic lifestyle, the proof is in the pudding; you have to go back and successfully move yourself, your organisation, your people and your family.
  6. assist you to know how and what to communicate to your world – to be held accountable; how to remain consistently true to all the above, because ultimately that’s what matters.
  7. introduce you to Seamless Leadership – the leadership mind-set that the world needs NOW. It embraces Authentic Leadership and leads one to becoming more than an Authentic Leader – an Authentic Seamless Leader, who is also an Activist for Authentic Seamless Leadership.
  8. introduce you to our revolutionary Leadership Platform App, with the hope that you become an active user that shares leadership principles with the world, in real time.

If you are a top leader: We will share your story to inspire other leaders on their journey. So depending on your position and life story we may end off the magnificent journey with interviewing you in the tranquil bush environment as an Authentic Seamless Leader, which, if you agree, will be shared on our Global Leadership Platform as well as social media and other platforms.

This experience is uniquely yours. You won’t be bound by a detailed daily schedule. The only time commitment is your session with me. The remaining time is yours.

As mentioned above, you are welcome to bring your partner and family along, just for the ride or they too may experience their own authentic journey. My wife and children are very qualified to introduce them to the African Bush and its diverse offerings of animals and nature. We have been living right next to Kruger National Park for years and can give your family that #OnceInALifetimeExperience.

Of course all members of your leadership team are welcome to go on this life changing journey. Just remember, this is not a team building exercise; it’s a deeply personal leadership journey that aligns the leader to the self and his/her leadership position – which will ultimately greatly benefit the team and organisation.

For answers to your questions about dates, times, costs and more, email me at: adriaan@leadershipplatform.com

Look forward to hearing from you.

My personal invite:



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