2016 Message

2015 is drawing to a close. It has been eventful from a leadership perspective and 2016 promises to be more so – from a business, political, educational and global point of view.

As you prepare to go into the quieter season, consider listening to these two podcasts: 1) As a business manager and/or owner, what could you do at this time of year and during a possible holiday – http://bit.ly/1LICAmW – we discussed several interesting ideas, some of which may be perfect for you. 2) A fascinating conversation with Justice Malala about 2016, what to consider, look out for or consider – http://bit.ly/1Nlezb2

Also In 2016 our current Media Master Classes on Cliffcentral, administered by Transformation Platform (Pty) Ltd, intends on moving to a whole new level. We are taking real, important and cutting edge conversations to South Africa, which includes the SME population and much more. Real and practical conversations stimulate growth and breakthroughs within ourselves and in our businesses, no matter its size. Trying to grow leaders without relevant leadership conversations is almost futile.

Effective learning cannot take place without continual relevant and practical conversations.

Because of the power of conversations we will extend our presence on Cliffcentral to three hours on Mondays 12-3pm, which will be known as “SA’s Leadership Transformation Platform”. To successfully transform (change, grow, improve) from a political, business, education, even personal point of view requires courageous and authentic leadership, hence “SA’s Leadership Transformation Platform”.

2016 Format

To achieve the above, our weekly Master Classes on Cliffcentral will now transform into vibrant Master Classrooms every week, which will happen as follows:

12-1pm – Leadership Master Class sponsored by Sibanye (a forward thinking organisation with great leadership at the helm):

    • Half hour leadership master lesson where we discuss leadership principles with a panel and top leader guest.
    • Half hour interview with a top leader where we focus on him/her and the relevant leadership responsibility.
  • While these conversations take place we will have a live audience of managers/leaders sitting at Cliffcentral premises listening/watching.
  • 1-1:30 – An off-air practical implementation conversation with the live audience that listened to/watched the leadership master class, and where possible the top leader guest joins us for this engagement. The audience will discuss what they take away from the master class to their workplace – practical application. They can also ask questions of the guest and ourselves. In some instances this conversation may continue beyond 30 minutes under the facilitation of someone from Transformation Platform (TP).

1-2:30pm – Business Master Class:

    • Half hour business skills, management content conversation with USB Executive Development – will also be made relevant for SME owners.
    • Half hour with a SME owner and an expert to discuss matters relevant to SME’s.
  • While the Business Master Class takes place we have a live SME owner/manager audience listening/watching at Cliffcentral premises.
  • On-air 30 minute practical implementation conversation with SME owners/managers that listened live. SME owners that participate will be given 30 seconds to pitch their business offering to the world. This in itself is a good experience as it forces them to crystallise the essence of what they are about and offers some exposure. Again they share what they take away from the hour show and direct questions to the expert panel. In some instances this conversation may continue beyond 30 minutes under the facilitation of someone from Transformation Platform (TP).

2:30 to 3pm – Leadership in Education Master Class:

  • We discuss leadership issues pertinent to school principals, with experts and principals themselves.

If you haven’t already become part of our community we hope you will do so in 2016.

We here at Leadership Platform wish you a special and peaceful Christmas and New Year.

Email Adriaan on adriaan@leadershipplatform.com for more on creating “Leadership Fit” leaders that generate successful movement (performance) inside your organisation.




Adriaan, as an accomplished author and leadership advisor, has been interviewing and working with top leaders for more than 15 years. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Leadership Platform. (Twitter: @AdriaanG_LP)

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